Illy Coffee Workshop: My Greatest Coffee Experience

Friday, November 09, 2012

A very special to thanks to Thirst Mag for the spot at Universita Del Caffe, Illy Coffee Workshop.

I bet many of you out there need a cuppa of coffee to kick start your morning. Do you just drink random 3in1 coffee? or you drink pure coffee extracted from a Coffee Machine?

For me I am really lucky, that every morning I get to drink coffee from the coffee machine. When I at work I don’t really bother to look for good food moreover a good cup of coffee. When I am really busy at work I like to go simple and focus only at my job!! I even go makeupless and dress the simplest way to work.

It’s totally a different me when it comes to weekend or holiday or I am not tied up at work!

Stressed and busy at work!



Happy after finish all work the night before!!


When I’m happy I would go to search for a great place that serve nice coffee and start writing my blog post!



Yes I am coffee lover, but I do not have that skill to define a good cup of coffee until last week when I attended the coffee workshop.

Everyone is greeted with a cup of aromatic coffee brew by barista of the day, Mr Goh


In the workshop we were brief through on types of coffee, types of available coffee machine and a little history of the coffee.

Evelyn explaining in details…


There are generally 2 type of Coffee Bean:

Arabica and Robusta


and usually Arabica is sell at a higher price compare to Robusta. Why so? Not because it has higher caffeine level! But its aroma and coffee quality extracted from the Arabica bean.

Let me ask you a simple question, does the Black Coffee you order from Coffee Shop (i.e Starbucks or Coffee Bean) has higher caffeine level than the Kopi “Kau” served in common Kopitiam?

If you answer is YES, then you are totally wrong!! This is because in Kopitiam they do not extract the coffee but soak the coffee for a very long time before the pour onto the glass and serve to you. Thus almost entire coffee caffeine will infused with the boiling hot water.

Coffee machine available in market usually have around 8-10 Bar of pressure. There are just to many available types of coffee machine. I'm not gonna elaborate on that. ‘


Let’s move on to the most interesting part of the day, Coffee Tasting!!!

What make a good cup of  coffee? Is it The bean or the machine? In fact is very much dependent on the barista! If you see the barista is not so happy on that particular day,  please ask another barista to brew your cup of coffee.

Goh look alright when brewing the coffee so I guess we will have a very delicious coffee later!


This is the perfect extraction of espresso. First, I taste bitter and when it reached mid of my tongue it taste sweet and slowly balance the entire coffee taste. Can you see it’s not too much oil on the top layer?



From left clockwise, was under extraction by means time is too short. It taste slightly sourish.

The second one was over extraction, extracted for too long, can you see thick layer of oil? taste bitter but its bitter bland!

Lastly (bottom), also over extraction but this time at the right timing but lesser coffee bean. Even more oil and bubble and is really really bitter this time (burnt taste) and exclude the coffee aroma!



Coffee can be brew using many different way!

The first and also the most beautiful design among all the other! Mocha Espresso

Grind the coffee bean.





Let me show you the video how the coffee is brew using different method.


We all agree that the mocha espresso produce a really good coffee taste and aroma.

the next session where everyone gonna sit with mouth wide open! It’s the Coffee Art!!

Let’s the picture do the talking!



This is Cindy!!



I love the graceful swan!



Le Cute Elephant!


All together!!



And everyone grab their favourite cup of Latte and snap a picture!!


I would say this is the best cup of coffee I’ve taste before. Usually, I will definitely add sugar when drinking my Latte but this cuppa of Latte I can drink it right away. The balance bitter and sweet taste linger in my mouth bringing out aroma of the Illy coffee bean. Evelyn tell me that Barista from Illy Coffee at Pavilion serve really good coffee. I have yet to try though.

I am thinking to challenge myself to try different coffee every weekend to determine the best Latte in Klang Valley!! Who will support me in this challenge?If I get 5 supporter then I will take up this challenge!

For those who love to attend the coffee workshop please contact UDC for more info:

UDC Malaysia Official Website:

Universita del Caffe Della Malaysia

Block B, Unit 901,

9th Floor, Phileo Damansara 2,

Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,

46350 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: +60379603808

Fax: +60379603830


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