Fat Spoon A Trip Down to Memory Lane

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Thursday 22nd November 2012, I felt like I was thrown in time machine back to the time when I äm still in primary school barely know what is “handphone“ or “computer”. Fat Spoon’s idea was really mesmerizing by bringing all our childhood games like Congkak, Family Cards, Batu Seremban,  Board Games, Pickup Sticks and many more.

FP3the staff told us it took them sometime to look for some of the old times games…

It has been more than a decade since I last played this games…Child nowadays don’t play this anymore, mostly will play with their own gadgets like Playstations or Smart Phones. Playing these games once again does really reminiscence my childhood time.

Bloggers Esther, Chow Yin Yin and Yong Xiang playing the congkak… FatSpoon7

We were each given a goodies bag filled with oldschool memories of our.

FP4Now nobody sell Chewing Gum like this anymore…

Only sell Wringley Chewing Gum strips or balls and some newer brands…

If you are born between 1970s to 1990s then you shall remember these goodies, am I right?? The plum sour and sweet candy “Yaw” are some of the favourites among my friend back in 1990s.

We even blow this balloon and play with it! I remember we used to press this ball to create those “pop pop” sound! So much fun! Ahhh i love this bokeh shot so much!


The restaurant was filled with oldtimes details like antique furnishings where lantern is lighted up as well as some old books were on display too.


“Fat Spoon a retro-based restaurant specializing in home-cooked food we are always so fond of, will attempt to relive those memories for their customers, especially those who refuse to forget”

FatSpoon2Snap with the handmade photo frame by Fat Spoon!

Games wasn’t the only thing that recall our memories as a child, the food served that night is cooked with lots of love just like our mothers do; every single bite flash back the images of the fun I had watching and helping mum cook in the kitchen and that’s where I learn how to cook myself!

and so the event for the night is named A Trip Down the Memory Lane. Let me present you menu for the night!


A refreshing Guava Lemonade was bring to our table. This pinkish drink is a thirst quencher, neither too sweet nor too sour perfect!

FP5Guava Lemonade and some Candies before the dish arrived..

I chew on some candies and take a sip of this Guava Lemonade while waiting for the food to arrive.

and now allow me to bring you to a series of yummylicious home cooked foodies…

The Medium Boiled Egg with Assam Jawa, one of my favourite; you know why? egggssss…


This egg is filled with aroma of the coriander leaves and the Asam Jawa sauce gives some savoury taste. As the named mentioned medium cooked, where the egg yolk texture is still sticky and mushy and this is how I like it to be!! Yums!

And the towers of tiny little burgers make the way to our table. They are just way too adorable to be eaten!

FatSpoon9Moo Moo Mini Burger

but but I still need to take a bite!


and what’s inside this Moo Moo Mini Burger? Slices of marinated beef sandwiched with  tomatoes, sautéed onion and lettuce. Super juicy and tasty bites! Since there is few more left on the table, I couldn’t resist to take on one more…

and Yes next was the Ulam Fried Rice Box, where you can see in the above picture background of the burger bite. The rice is fried and tossed with Ginger flowers, coriander leaves and fried chicken strips. Simply delicious! I bet you will want this!!

FatSpoon16One more box for me please?

You shall pair this box of rice with the juicy Tamarind Prawn Stick. I love how they prepare this prawn stick where they peel of the shell of the prawn body leaving the head and tail unpeeled. So I just suck all the prawn paste from the head and chew all the way to the tail! OMG this is addictive…

FatSpoon12Tamarind Prawn Sticks

FatSpoon15Can you see the gravy covering the prawn….the gravy is so flavourful and this is why it is so addictive!

and then come the Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni. Filled with lots of minced beef and coriander leaves. It’s rather too spicy for my liking…


How could the night end without a dessert right? The Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream is so delicious.

FatSpoon20Can I have all of these Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream?

Crispy skin wrapping the soft and sweet banana that splash out when I bite on it is really yummy and with a dip of the vanilla ice creams it really melt my heart!

The sweet S’mores Pops, another dessert that I would love to sink my tooth into it…. I seriously love how they dip the marshmallow in chocolate gravy and sprinkle it with nuts. Soft like pillow, as sweet as an angel!

FatSpoon21The sweet S’mores Pops!

Boys you should wrap this and give it to their lover in Valentines Day. I’m sure the girl will fall in love with you!

At the end of the night, there were lucky draws.

FP6Scott is picking the lucky number!

and Yong Xiang is the lucky Boy!


More pictures of us…



Thanks to Senri for bringing me down to Fat Spoon for this memorable night. This surely an enjoyable night for all of us. Great job Fat Spoon !

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