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Saturday, November 10, 2012


“Asia’s Safest City is about to be tested”


It wasn’t the caption that gotten much attention but the line up on string of cast assembled for this movie which is intriguing. Directed by 2 newcomers, Leung Lok Man & Sunny Luk, Cold War tells about a sequence of events which leads to a shroud mystery where everything is linked together that is portrayed in first half of the movie. Imagine, action, story, plot twist and drama, all tossed into one giant blender that comes out a scrumptious meal of entertainment on HK finest.

Joining the fantastic cast lineup is veteran, Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Deputy Commissioner of Operations M.B Lee whose son also a policemen, Joe Lee (Played by Taiwan Idol, Eddie Peng) got kidnapped along with 4 others and together with a fully loaded both weapons and ammunition E.U van (Emergency Unit Van) that would be the centre plot of the whole movie, Heavenly kings, Aaron Kwok playing Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Service, Lau whose calm and rational portrayal reminds much on his cool personality in Storm Riders that will have to go certain lengths to ensure the safety of the people is prioritize while ensuring the safety of the kidnapped officers.

Andy Lau plays Luk, Secretary of the Security Bureau (Think of it as HK’s CIA but with more transparency) whom is pressured by the whole event as he takes personal interest into DCP Lau whose is next in line as the youngest CP in the history of the police force. Aarif Rahman that plays Billy Chung, a ICAC rookie which in the mid movie tries to bring down the person responsible behind the whole fiscal based on highly sensitive material given to him anonymously. Charlie Young plays as Phoenix, Head of Public Relations that is trying to contain issue from being escalated into public which would then create a public chaos.

Operation commencement…


The movie begins with a explosion downtown and ensuring drift scene which depicts a “Initial D” wannabe but failed miserable as the car slammed to a pillar which split to half (Now we know cars are like tofu regardless of the manufacturer). An E.U Van with 5 officers on board was en route on patrol and spotted the speeding demised vehicle. Point of time was recorded on the nearby CCTV and the next thing, all of HK Top Ranking officers including the 2 DCP (Sean Lau & M.B Lee) were recalled back to HQ. During the meeting, we find out that it is nearly impossible given the latest in technology to steal the police E.U vehicle, disable its tracking device (GPS) and kidnapped 5 highly trained officers but the unthinkable had happened. Given the gravity of the situation, DCP Lee as Acting Commissioner Police as the Commissioner is away at Copenhagen for meeting with other country boasting HK as the one of Asia’s safest city around had announced Tier One Response (All available personnel on High Alert to counter response on the threat at hand) and gave the operation codename, Cold War.

Tier One Response… Ok, how much Gel is on there?


It was clear that his judgment is biased as his son; Joe is one of the kidnapped officers and with his son on the ropes, DCP Lee mobilizes every available unit to track down the kidnapper and won’t hesitate to take down all that seems as a threat.

Great, now dad’s gonna ballistic over this… Good luck punks


DCP Lau is hesitant in his own opinion as every mission requires in depth analysis and strategizes to avoid eventual mishap from occurring but Lee simply shrugs off the notion and proceeds on with it. Leaving with no option and the clouded judgment of Lee which could very well jeopardize the life of the officers, Lau arranged for Coup D’état against Lee and it was successful as Lee is forcibly removed as “ACP” & C.C (Chief Commander of Operations), leaving Lau in charge in overall operations. Life at stake and city in danger, Lau quickly reorganize the force to ensure minimal exposure and chaos which at the same time trying to facilitate the ransom demand. Soon later the sequence of event would change their life altogether.

As calm and cool in the suit…


From start till the end and just when you think when gotten the plot right, there is twists here and there which will keep you guess on. The plot development is simply marvellous. It will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end. This is an example on evolution transition of Hong Kong movies which is no longer confined to the regular but on whole new level. This is definitely the best thing after “Infernal Affairs”. From intense performance from the stellar cast till dramatic climatic end, it’s a definite must watch for all.

So be sure to catch “Cold War” in the cinema near you.

That’s all folks. Till the next review.

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