Tony & Guy: Complimentary Hair Cut

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thanks to JQ Lee for inviting me to this complimentary hair cut at Tony & Guy Academy!  I arrived at their academy about 15 minutes late ( My appointment supposed to be 4pm) and security is so tight that i waited for about 10minutes to get up to 4th floor of Patent House! 


I met with Sabrina, my stylist for today. She informed she need another 10min to blow dry her current model! So I nodded head and continue to wait. Without realizing it is already 5.15pm ( I waited for 1hour doing nothing but snap here and there).

All product is by Wella!!



I love how they design the wall with magazine advertisements!! I’m thinking to do one in my future study room!


I was a little nervous while waiting for my turn, got worried that my hair would turn out bad! Anyway, Sabrina has graduated and now going for advance level. Trust she will do great job on my hair and so I walked in and seated in front of the dressing table.

Sabrina checking through carefully!


First she check through my hair condition and explained to me my hair qualities. So my hair layer is too short so will trim the end a little. My hair end is dry (due to chemical works) and length is unbalanced so she need to balanced it and do a square shape for my hair to eliminate of split ends.

and she begins to cut….


She asked me to stand up for her to cut the back hair! I was surprised, never in my life being cut hair while standing!


She took about 2 hour from washing, cutting and blow dry.

Once she is done the technical trainer will come over to check layer and strands of the hair to see if it is alright.  He just nodded and ask her to blow dry. He then check the stylist beside me and he give a very lengthy comment. So, Sabrina really did a good job since no comment from the trainer...


And here's my new hair!  How does it look? As for me, I have no comment on my hair but spending 3 hour to cut my hair will be little too time consuming.

below before the hair cut!


Below after the hair cut!


I love my new hair though it is not as long as the length I used to have, but it give my hair a very healthy look and refreshing feeling.

Refreshed! I need to see the result after I wash my hair tonight to give further comment on the hair cut!


So, my readers please be my judge and let me know what do you think of my new hair?

p/s: sorry for my lousy post..I suck at reviewing hair cut…

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