The Prince of Ballads, Jeff Chang Live in Genting

Thursday, October 04, 2012


Once again, Jeff Chang, the "Prince of Love Ballads" will be performing onstage  this 14th of December.


His expression when singing his love songs will surely touch your heart. His songs are easy to relate as they are based on love, relationships, and experiences.

Some of his favourite classic hits are "Forgiving" (宽容), “Ai Ru Chao Shui” (爱如潮水), “Guo Huo” (过火), “Don’t Tell Him” (不要对他说), and “Tai Xiang Ai Ni” (太想爱你).

Besides his 22-year musical career, Jeff Chang has made a few forays into acting, appearing in 'A Pinwheel Without Wind'/'停車暂借問 (烟雨紅顏)', 'Stand In Love'/'不完全戀人', and 'Ming Ming'/'明明'.

Be sure to get your tickets early as he had a full house concert the last time he performed at Genting in 2011.

For more ticket info visit here.

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