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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have posted a rough Summary after the event, now its time for me to give a full review to win my long awaited Samsung Galaxy Note II

“The bright sunny sky shrouded by the waves of cloud formation that shows the storm is brewing but nevertheless, it shall not deter us from heading to our destination.”

I definitely got hooked by ChurpOut 2012 event which was held recently in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. I would do anything at all cost to be at Publika .


That morning me and Thomas had a breakie meet up at Kelana Jaya. By the time we filled our tummy getting ready to participate all sorts of games and activities at ChurpOut 2012, the weather changed dramatically!! It’s only a matter of time before the heavy downpour starts.


However for the love we had for Churp Churp we proceed to the ChurpOut 2012. Our arrival was delayed due to the downpour which caused slight traffic congestion.

WTFish….all red lights keep lighting UP!! Honk here Honk There!! Move your ass pls!!


We had finally arrived and greeted by the sight of the huge crowd. No matter rain or shine, they had made it there to make the event a success and so am I.

Smile with Churp Churp


We went over to get ourselves checked in to get goodie bag and went around viewing the event.


Thomas even get to signed up the famous Bcard for FREE!! Yes Its Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….


and you get a booklet of coupon for free too!!


There were several display exhibitions on site that would lead towards the main event site which is situated outside. The showcase which had intrigued me was UHT Dutch Lady Recycled Project.


Every known manmade inanimate object was seen onsite and the creativity level is seen clearly by it.

Also present in the event were some of the infamous youtubers (Jinny Boy, Dan Khoo) which I would say they’re friendly and really funny in real.


There were also street bazaars of fashion apparels for all passerbies. There was also several NGO’s which promote health awareness especially for women breast cancer to pet caring and many more.


It was drizzling but we had proceeded to venture out under the drizzles and caught a glimpse of the vehicle parked under the XPax booth. It was a white VW Polo GTI and from the exterior look, its modified look made the drools keeps gushing out.

From the wheel to the body work, it was splendid work. Now I am wishing for XPax to choose me for the Pimp My Ride contest. Noticed there were several white Mini Coopers stacked up and apparently there will be contest held later. On the spot I got Thomas to join the contest as the winning prize would be a new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Now that would be awesome winning the phone.

Next on we noticed the plank of dunks. Apparent there is an onsite contest where contestant would be dunk from the sitting plank and pick a number. There were 5 grand prizes to be given out during the whole duration of the event. Pick yourself the lucky number and you might just walk away with a brand new 40” LED TV or cool prize giveaways.

Ready….and DUNKED!!!


All wet and ready for 2nd & 3rd Dunk!! Each person get to dunk 3 times!


The Games

We went over to the games carnival where players are required to use precise hand motor skills, endurance, strength and patience while attempting to try the games. The objective of the games is acquiring the stamps for the redemption card and to grab a chance to draw gifts from the redemption counter. It wasn’t easy as we were pitted against what may look easy but it involves a whole new of skill set. We start off with the simple throw the loop into the bottle. The trick is to get the loop (Given 3 tries) onto the bottle shaped like the ol’ Coke Cola. Sound easy? Not.


Problem is getting the right angle and momentum to it onto the bottles. With a lil effort and much time spend, we had eventually got it in. (And it was tough for the first one).

We continued with the electric maze which you’re required to pass the entire obstacle without hitting it with rod as buzzing more than 3 times means you’re out.. Phew.. And I was calm and stable to have complete the second time for Thomas too..


The following game was a test of balance where you need to balance the ball to fall into the correct hole. Imagine juggling 3 balls at the same time but with a platform with many holes. This I failed big time…Thomas manage to let ball fall onto the correct hole for TWICE!! Hoorayy..


This next game is dedicated to all those daring souls to smite with all the might. It’s the hit the bell with the sledgehammer. Yes, it’s the sledgehammer that would probably land smack on the head if not held proper.. Haha.. Kidding.. Anyway it was between Thomas and the metal plank. Air was dense and water vapor was steaming from the build-up of heat from him. As he held tight on the hammer at approx. 80 degrees, he slammed the hammer onto the platform and up it goes the ring that hits the bell.

He slammed it so fast that I have not to grab my camera!!image

Thomas was relieved of all the energy build-up for that strike and true to say, it was a great stress reliever but might injure yourself in the process due to the recoil and the weight of the hammer.

Insert Picture

Pimpin in MCOE (Malaysia ChurpOut Event)

Next up was the moment that we had waited for is the Pimp My Ride contest by XPax. Just Color them in your creativity and got an hour to do it. We were thinking, an hour.. No problem la.. But.. As we found out, it was insufficient to express the creativity that dwells from within. With the mind set to paint it and clock is ticking away, all contestant started.


The creativity pit has been filled up to the brink and there were more to go.

Thomas painted this..not that bad right?


Even all set to win it but in the end, Daniel  had won it with unique design that incorporates the tribal art and fusion of colors that is vivid.

The winning design (Gratz to Daniel)


The Revenge….

We spend the whole afternoon observing on how those brave souls took a dunk to earn the grand prize and had good laughs over it. As the time passes, many of the prizes has been won by some lucky people and we took to ponder, would we win something for it..

Thomas has waited patiently for his turn to dunk, eagerly want to win the Big HD TV. I even drive all the way back to Shah Alam to get cloth for him to change later.

Sadly, luck were not on our side!! Right before his turn, a Dude who took of his shirt to dunk into it won the Big HD TV and that was the last grand prize!!

He had to go shirtless but it was worth it coz this guy won the Samsung 40" Full LED TV!


Everyone behind the queue were disappointed but at the same time felt happy for that guy too!

Since we waited whole night, Thomas don’t care about the prize anymore! Even we were the last participant, Thomas say let’s bring it on!

The personnel that were manning the plank were thrilled to have finally gotten the chance to dunk Thomas. Now that makes me wonder, what did he do? Anyway while Thomas was busy counting down on what is the list when he is going to be dunked, the dude just give a slammer to the level and down he goes into the water tank. The best part he comes out and says, “The water reeks.. And cold for that matter” Hahaha



I  travel the whole Klang Valley back and forth to participate in all the contest and activities. Sadly, luck wasn’t on our side, we went back with goodies bag from registration counter and Cha Time Vouchers…..For all the time I spent stuck in the jam? For all the effort and skill to pass all the games & get the card endorsed? That is all I bring home????

“That day we had a really awesome time, we were unable to describe in full details but with the note, we’ll be able to capture every moment with it together the notes written that would be etched in the memories as it is designed for humans and by humans, we’ll draw life in Full HD.”

For the Love to Churp Churp and for the Support I always have for CELCOM, please let me be the one to own this new Galaxy Note II.



Cindy Tong


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