Halloween Horror Spirit: Spooky night with Spirit Company!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

After my last introduction to Halloween Horror Spirit in Genting Highland, I was all ready to try this horror moment with myself walking through the zones rather then seeing it in front of my screen!!

That morning, I was busy exploring Tanjung Sepat and thus I wore only a T-shirt and Short pants. So I thought,

“aiyaaaa haunted house always located indoor de ma, sure very warm de la…mo man tai ”

While we are enjoying our dinner, me, Charmaine & Bendan were asking each other how would it be like? By then I realize I was wrong, all the horror zone are inside the Theme Park itself!! It’s outdoor!!!!Noooooo…..My hearts beats fast and I feel chilling cold already!!!

I guess everyone had start to feel terrified and worry when we hear there is 5 Star Horror Zone (means lots of horror aspect is applied in this zone! screeammmm……can I wait for you guys at the entrance instead??

Failed to escape here we are at the entrance, taking pictures still smiling….Hopes I won’t pee in my pants later!

Horror Spirit1


A skeleton dropping from top!!!!

I’m just joking…this is just for display at the main entrance!!

Horror Spirit3


Let’s the FUN begin!!!!!!!!!!!

Horror Spirit4

We enter the pathway, with all the smoke and mist we can’t really see clearly. That’s such a good chance for this creepy ghost to scare us!!

Are those humans? or Spirits?? You be the judge!

Horror Spirit13

The first Zone Horror Circus, the most entertaining ones with laughter of clowns, performance by pretty dancer and joker!

Horror Spirit89


Let’s unveil the secrets behind this famous fallen circus caused by a mad curse in one of the town!

Horror Spirit7


Me with the scary-pretty dancer!!

Horror Spirit9


I was curse and become ghost!

Horror Spirit15


And after converting to Ghost I fell in love with his look!! Yikess….

When you look me in the eyes… I catch a glimpse of hell…
I find you my ghost of my lifetime!

Horror Spirit12


Can you see the ghost in stripe behind us??

Horror Spirit17

In fact Halloween is where kids given candies and so do Genting, they gave us this “happy and mild scene a.k.a candy zones” before we move on to the other more frightening zones!

Here we are greeted by these two Corpse at the entree of Horror Village!

Horror Spirit24


This doll is a cute ghost, she will turn head and smile “tee hee” and turn back!!

Horror Spirit18


He attempt to frightened me but I pay back with a good stare at him!!

Horror Spirit32


But I could not runaway from his bite!! argghhhhh….

Horror Spirit35


And they found their long lost brother!!!

Horror Spirit27


They try to choke die the corpse!!!

Horror Spirit29


This gorgeous ghost always look for young men to accompany them in the lonely night!

Horror Spirit30


We we treated with soup by Meng Po before we crossed the bridge!


picture courtesy of Charmaine.


Some laughter before crossing the bridge!

Horror Spirit36

After we crossed the bridge we forget what happens in the past and we totally do not recall how scary is the Hallway Hospital Zones.

Rawrrrr….spirits flying everywhere….

Horror Spirit38

We enter with no fear BUT we hear lots of screams from the inside!! What would happen inside? Stay tune for my next post!

This is a mixture of fun and horror all together!! So guys wait no more, Grab your ticket and be ready to experienced the most horrified moment this Halloween!!!

Date & Time

Date: 26, 27 October 2012
Time: 8pm - 11pm

Ticket Price

Normal - RM 40

Genting Rewards Card/ Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard - RM 25

Wristband Holder / Online Booking (iHoliday)

Book your ticket via Genting website


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