Halloween Horror Spirit : The 5-Star Zone + Movie Characters

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let’s continue from my previous post, if you remember we all drank the Meng Po soup and we totally forget that death is awaiting us in Hospital Hallway Spirit  just few steps away…

We still fooling around happily by pretending dead ghost!

Horror Spirit40


We walk up with NO FEAR yet!!

Charmaine still Smiling…….

Horror Spirit41


Queuing at the entrance, what lies inside?

Horror Spirit42


Horror Spirit43











A nurse gave us a number each! Heck what was that for? I do not know even until today!

Horror Spirit45


We continue to walk and discover there is this long hair ghost crawl out from nowhere!!

Horror Spirit46

That's creepppppyyyy..


OKAY this is dummy….pheeeewww…

Horror Spirit47


Patient with hanging limbs!

Horror Spirit49Horror Spirit48













WTFish…This is real!!he woke up and scare the hell out of me!!

Horror Spirit51


I have no idea what is this green/red alien…..ewwww…

Horror Spirit52


Then we finally reach the end of the zone, this girl come out and wave to us!!! DARN IT…

Horror Spirit53


Ok we come out still attached in one piece and yes, heart still beating!! Thank God!!

After which we all feel relieved and continue to the next Zone which Movie Horror Night!!

Real car accident scene! So real man!!

Horror Spirit55


OMG they are so gayyyyy!!!!! Ishhh I want to wash my eyes now!!

Horror Spirit72


I’ma eat the green apple and be a B*tch!!

Horror Spirit74


Handsome Dracula….

Horror Spirit56


Spooky Grave Yard!!

Horror Spirit76


Me posing with the SPIDER WEB!!!

Horror Spirit67


He even shuffle through the song “Move Like Jagger” I’m gonna move like jagggggerrrr

Horror Spirit59


I will suicide before you bite me!!

Horror Spirit61


How about a gang of Ju-On??????

Horror Spirit69


So we completed all zones and we were awarded the Certificate of SURVIVAL. This show we not only TALK ok???We have balls tooo oopsss I mean I have boobs…



Halloween just few days more, head on up to Genting Theme Park for this amazingly Spooky Halloween Horror Spirit!

Here are the info for the event!!

Date & Time

Date: 26, 27 October 2012
Time: 8pm - 11pm

Ticket Price

Normal - RM 40

Genting Rewards Card/ Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard - RM 25

Wristband Holder / Online Booking (iHoliday)

Book your ticket via Genting website








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