DISH, Dua Annexe: Weekend Tapas Brunch, A Mini Birthday Gathering with BFFs

Friday, October 12, 2012

Three of us were born just a week away from each other and so we decided to mark a day on our calendar for only Girl Gathering… It was me who suggested to spend our Sunday afternoon in DISH after reading lotsa good reviews of their Sunday’s Tapa Brunch. I had not try any Tapa Brunch before and this is will be a good experience for me!


The cozy and simple modern look of the Restaurant will be a great place for us to spend the next few hours indulging into the culinary and updating on our ongoing activities!!


The star of this Fine Dining Restaurant, Chef Allen is ex-head chef of famous Gordon Ramsay's at Claridges, London. The brilliant chef is well aware that

“Women want more appetizers; the guys would go for the steaks”

This is very true, in fact we loves to share our food so we could try few different dish. At times, Thomas prefer to have the whole dish. They seem to have bigger appetite and they always fancy meats!!

Ladies favorite of the day!!


We are not into Alcoholic that noon, so we go for juices and tea instead. This is the thing that I am bit turned off is that you can only choose one type eat. Once you decided the flavor you have to stick to it the whole meal. Apparently, I ordered orange juice and I wish I could change over to pink guava. Sadly, the waiter shake his head!! Couldn’t do much, we continue to tick the list of menu. 5 dishes per pax for every order.

Tick, tick and tick more….image

We tick each dish once and here the droolsss….

Camwhoring before the dishes arrived!

Luv my face complexion that morning!

With Catherine, we known each other for about 15 years…OMG feel so old liow!!



and more pictures of the environment!!

I would be happily fed with these Wagyu and Black Angus Beef!!



No wine for us, next time maybe?


We begin with soup…

 French Onion Gruyere, yummlicious.

Very flavorsome and not too much onion aftertaste. I still want to be kissed! ^ * ^



Pea Soup with Mascarpone, not my cup of soup!!! it feels rather grosss..


We move to the cold starters…

Avocado & Crab Salad, yes, I love the avocado but only by itself in this case…

I can’t taste the crab flakes, and it’s so hard to chew and swallow the raw onion and the fish tuna meats…



Tomato, Green Olive & Mozzarella Salad, Crisp and Tangy cherry tomato.

A very light salad, great to slip in between heavy meat dish!


DISH Caesar, Jaw Dropped when I saw poached quail eggs, my very first time. Usually is boiled chicken egg!!

Do not missed this!! The salad dressing  is really coating very well on the lettuce, tiger prawn and crispy chicken.



We do not stop at quails egg, we continue with our egg hunt!!


Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg, salmon slice is slightly salted and smokey aroma is so appetizing.

I like how the semi cooked salmon chunk wrap with scrambled egg! It gave a real good chewing moment!


The Egg Benedict, I drools for this so long and finally on this fine after noon the Egg Benedict appear in front of my eyes!!

Bright yellow hollandaise sauce spill all over the egg, the runny egg yolk oozing out make the whole eating experience so amazing!


Not satisfied yet? here’s another egg yolk running fast, I could catch to yolk to feed my mouth!! Poached Egg with Tomato on the Whole Grain Bread! We didn’t bother to eat the bread…We were halfway full so we concentrate on the egg instead!! The yolk texture is perfectly enveloped by the egg white! Succulent!!!


I thought I had enough of yolk already, BUTTTT I could not resist the Boiled Egg, Foccacia Soldier.

Becarefull when you peel the shells, the delicate egg white will breaks eventually the yolk will flow out from every direction!!



One final egg before cholesterol struck me!

I think I can make the fried egg myself but the smoke pastrami taste real good! Like ham but smoked, well balanced in flavor!

Fried Egg with Smoke Pastrami


We need something solid to boost up our energy to continue gossiping!!

 Strip Loin with Sauce Charon, though its small in size but it definitely a full solid strip loin.

Done to medium well, can see a little red meat in the center. Chewy and juicy.

Charon sauce that combines Bearnaise sauce with tomato puree match the loin very well.



Lamb Kofta, disappointed! I always like lamb but not this one!

The lamb is way more “gamey” than what I expected!



Don’t forget to get your hand on these cute mini Angus Beef Burger!!


There are cute yet as tasty as the big ones. The beef patty filled with juicy flavorful beef meat!

The mustard and mayonnaise adds moist to the fluffy bun!


Nom Nom….



Paprika Chicken and Corn and Mushroom, ordinary chicken cutlet. Skip this if your stomach don’t have the space!



Various Croquettes (Turkey Ham and Mozzarella , Mushroom & Rosemary and Chicken and Red Pepper), crispy externally, mild and tender on the fillings.

We like the texture of turkey ham not too moist!



Clam and Mussel with Apple and Chili Padi, ok I see apple stripe but the flavor is over taken by chili padi.

It still taste good, fresh and juicy! we spear the clam out and chew on it happily!



Grill Tiger Prawn with Herb & Chili Salsa , Springy and Tangy! Splendid! 



Thai Calamari, ermmm not so enticing!!


Time for my favorite section…fishy nom nom time!!


Pan Fried Salmon Fillet, the olive oil over killed the salmon.

On another side, the salmon is so fishy! Wasted!


The delicate Salt Baked Cod Fish with Red Pepper Sauce blew me away. Each flake is so tender and its silky smooth!


Final Main section is the Pasta & Risotto

Sundried Tomato with Linguine with Olive and Feta, ohh I love the savory tomato sauce and the feta smells and taste great!

Sad part is the linguine is too soft for my liking…prefer it to be more chewy!


Look at the crumbles of delish Feta Cheese!!!


This Carbonara with Beef Bacon is something you would like to have it by your own!! No sharing!!

Creamy and springy Fettuccine! Yummeh..



Moist and gravy Tomato Risotto with Black Olive Tapenade. *Likes*


We were flattered by all the above dish but still lack of some sweetness!! So dessert it is!! But before I show you those lovely dessert, let’s see some of the lovely picture we took just before the dessert is served!

Look at us not the dessert ya! We are sweet too okay?

From Left Me, Choco, Winnie, Catherine.


I really love my new cut hair, look so refreshed and healthy. Check my review on my haircut here


 Caramel Chocolate Delice, Lime Ice Cream

The lime taste gave it a twist and raspberry give more texture to the whole dessert!


Chocolate Mouse & Jackfruit

Two portion were inside my stomach!! It’s so delicious, tangy jack fruit pair really well with the Chocó mousse!



Meringue with Grilled Strawberries & Sherbet

Too sweet for my tooth!



Green Guava Crumble with Caramel Ice cream

I bet the Guava had gone missing. Sticky and Sweet..Not for me!


We end our Tapas Brunch with present exchanging session. We were all very happy to get to spend time hanging out and tryout Tapas Brunch!

This is what I got for my Birthday! Love it..Thanks Girls…


Overall, the dish is perfectly balanced in taste and cooked with lots of effort. The down part is their stinky washroom. So please visit the washroom after you finish your meal. Unless you want to throw away what you have eaten prior to washroom.

For more info of DISH Click their Site

The Tapas brunch is priced at RM 99++/pax non alcoholic and RM 179.00++/pax including free flow of red.white & sparkling wines. It is available on Sat & Sun from 12pm to 2.30pm.

Food: 9/10 (Good)
Price: 7/10 (Rather pricey for the range of food)
Cleanliness: 4/10 (washroom stink, I expect fresh air at this high end restaurant)
Ambient Environment: 6/10 (dimmed light and rather warm)
Service: 7/10 (Waiter did not bother to explain detail of each dish)
Overall: 7/10

Dish @ Dua Residency

Lot 1.1, Ground Floor, Dua Annexe,
No. 211, Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6 03 2164 1286
Fax: +6 03 2166 0766
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-2:30pm, 6pm-11pm

p/s I still prefer to spend the equivalent $$ at Tatsu, Intercontinental KL Jap Ala-Carte Buffet as the sashimi give me real satisfaction!! I am still craving for it every weekend since last month! Oh My Gosh!!!


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