Cindy’s Birthday Celebration: Showered with Birthday Surprises!!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Remember I mentioned September was really overwhelming?? Yes it’s all because of all surprises that happens weeks before my Big Day!

First I won Michelin Pilot Experience c/w complimentary 3D2N at Intercontinental KL. Yes you see it right I’m racing in Michelin F1 at Sepang that day. See more of the event here.


Then few days later I manage to called through FLY FM 500 Jam and brought come RM 500 cold hard cash just by identifying the song played!



Not just that I won a dark chocolate mousse cake from Petite Patisserie and I’d enjoy decorating it!


Also won a invite from Thirst Mag to The Estate for Hendrick the Unusual Gin Party!


And finally the one that I was really surprise is that Thomas has secretly invite all my friends to celebrate my birthday at Frontera Sol Of Mexico, Jaya One. He told me it would be a dinner just the two of us.

We arrived at Jaya One and there is some performance for October Fest!


That day I wore my favourite Toga Dress with Smokey blue eyes makeup!


Frontera Sol Of Mexico serve delicious Mexico Food and wide range of beverages to opt for. I don’t really like the flooring as there many hidden steps! bad for those who is wearing heels…




I was really happy that all of them came that day. It’s been some time since we last hang out!!


Halfway chatting with them, Thomas hand me bouquet of flowers….*shy*  very sweet of him to prepare all this. Wonder where he have time to buy the flower.


I order this Grill Seafood Rice ala Mexicana serve 4pax. Very generous amount of seafood. It would better if they use other rice type as this one is too mushy.


Thomas ordered Frontera Rib Eye. He love the steak texture where they marinate it really well and the meat pounding makes chewing so easy! Oh the cheese mashed potato on the side sure give a creamy and cheesy moment!!


Out of a sudden, the light is switched off and birthday song was played. Here come the birthday cake…


From left clockwise Jung, Yuki, Billy, Cindy (ME), Aaron, Wen, Guin, Wai Yip, Alex and nigel



Make a Wish!


And cut it!!!!



Thomas and Me. <3<3


me with Wen and Guin



Me and Yuki!!


Some have to made a move and those who stay continue to second round drinking at Brussel!

I love this Pure Blonde beer…light and fresh!


September has showered me with lots of surprises, love and prize too! Oh can time stop on September?  While browsing through FB and my blogroll, I realized there is so many October baby out there. Here, I take opportunity to wish all October baby a very Happy Birthday. May all of you excel in what ever you do!!

Lastly, thanks to my Darling, Thomas for planning all this. You had filled my life with colors and shower me with lots of love. <3<3

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