Best of Malaysia, Thai VS Asia Challenger Series: Watching Muay Thai Live in the Front Row

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Since our last Workshop at Dragon Muay Thai (view my post here), I have been waiting announcement from Nuffnang on the invitation to this Thai VS Asia Muay Thai Challenge. The invitation popped in my mail box a week before the show. Theme of the night was Batik. What? I don’t have batik dress maybe batik beach shorts then yes I have!!!

That night was so rush and it’s raining!!! That means every car gonna move very slow and entire road is jammed up!!


Camwhore while jamming on the road!!



Thanks to Daniel who guide me how to walk to Sunway Convention Centre. Seriously I would lost my way in Sunway Pyramid. I arrived right on time..yay!!


Obtained my media pass from ciklilyputih and smile for the camera!!



While waiting for the show to begin, found a very warm and beautiful sunset view across Sunway city!!


What a great view to start our match that night!

Thai VS Asia2 

The show begin with the appearance of the host of the night Fay Houkolani & Diana Danielle.


Gorgeous Ladies appear with batik inspired dress… I love Fay’s off shoulder dress!

Thai VS Asia3

A picture with gorgeous Fay!


Everyone stand up straight to sing Negaraku as a Opening Ceremony for this Match!

Thai VS Asia4

And that mark the starting of the real show of the night!!

Before they start kick boxing, they usually dance to the traditional song as a ritual ceremony.


The first two match was a quick ones! The Thai opponent won both match in Round 2!! That was quick isn’t it? Let’s my below picture show you how fast they move!!

Kick! Thai VS Asia6



Thai VS Asia7


Fell down!

Thai VS Asia8


and Yaya WON!!!!Thai VS Asia9



Each round took about 3minutes and there will be pretty lady walk into the ring to mark the beginning of each round!

Thai VS Asia5

Challenger from China

Thai VS Asia11

The Second match of the night is between Changpeux and Liu Xiang Ming.


They clinched real hard…Eeewww i can imagine the sweaty body touched…disgusting!!

 Thai VS Asia17


Knee Kick on the stomach

Thai VS Asia19

Catch his leg, twist it and there he goes on the floor!!

Thai VS Asia20

 Chang were stop by the referee before the continues to strike!! Liang fell on the floor and passed out!

Thai VS Asia21


Before the night continue with more awesome fight, pretty model catwalk on the stage with Batik Inspired Dress wearing Boxer Glove!


Striking and Sexay Post!!

Thai VS Asia31


Thai VS Asia37

Thai VS Asia27

Thai VS Asia29 


My Favorite dress for the night! I love the dress frills on the bottom!

Thai VS Asia34

Third match was Jom Kitti with Le0 Monteiro from Brazil.

Look at Leo facial expression!! Kinda funny to me!

Thai VS Asia39

Wah this Kitti is so BERGAYA a.k.a stylo!! (not like sweet Kitty ok!)

Thai VS Asia38

They lasted five round and still Thai opponent won the match!! Magnificent Thai!

Thai VS Asia43


Here come my favorite adrenaline rushed match of the night! Our very own Malaysia challenger Mohammad Ali Yaakob battling with Petchumpol!


A twist and a flip!

Thai VS Asia46

Ouch…I believe he almost vomit everything out!

Thai VS Asia49


Punch and clinch each other, so dramatic!!

Thai VS Asia60

The winning elbow!!

Thai VS Asia78

Thai VS Asia79


This was really a good match and my jaw dropped seeing Ali stunning and furious move up-close! At times, I enjoy the battle so much that I forget to snap pictures.. Ali really deserve to win this match!

Thai VS Asia65


Final match before the night end is match between Faizal Ramli and Armin. Faizal is also representing Malaysia!! He is rather big (taller and tougher) in size compare to other boxer.

Thai VS Asia73

I wish Faizal would make a second winning for that night but sadly he did not won. However, he fight with a strong will to win through five full rounds!!

 Thai VS Asia75

Again Good Job Ali for making we Malaysian proud!!

Before everyone leave here are a few group pictures of us!


me,Chouliyn, Benjamin and cikLilyPutih

Thai VS Asia67

Henry, Chouliyn, Benjamin, Daniel & cikLilyPutih

Thai VS Asia68 

Well hope you guys feel the intense, swift and strong move from my pictures. Thanks to Nuffnang and Elite Boxing for giving me this chance to watch Muay Thai up-close on the stage!


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