Resorts World Genting: Space Shot

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Space Shot is a rapid vertical ascent and descent amusement ride. It lifts up to 12 people into the air, providing an exciting G-force on the way up and a feeling of weightlessness on the way down. Passenger is strapped onto seats, four to a side of the tower, the starting sequence cannot be initiated until all passengers are safely secured to their seats.

This open air ride will enable passenger to see a breathtaking scenery of Genting Highland on the way up to the peak as it will stop at peak for a while and before you realized it emerged down at a high speed creating an adrenaline rush to the brain; exactly like the moment i sit beside the F1 Professional Racer drift all the way through the Sepang Circuit during Michelin Pilot Experience event. More on Michelin later.

For now head on up to Genting Theme Park for this exciting rides!

Minimum Height Requirement: 137cm
Express Lane: Not Available

Ride Facts

Type of Ride
Intense, not for the faint-hearted

Country of Origin

Manufactured By
S & S Power Inc

67 km/hour

Maximum Capacity
12 persons

185 feet

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