Race like A Queen at Michelin Pilot Experience at F1 Sepang Circuit

Friday, September 28, 2012

I felt overwhelming this September, you ask why? why? If you follow my Twitter or FB, you would know how excited I am after knowing I won the Michelin Pilot Experience through this post. The moment I received call from Rachel I felt like screaming and jumping BUT I need to remain calm else my colleague would think I’m insane! Thanks to Nuffnang & Michelin for giving me this opportunity to drive my dream on the awesome racing track @ F1 Sepang International Circuit. We were also invited to stay over @ Intercontinental Hotel KL for 3D 2N as a part of the prize.

Me and Thomas had a very splendid Japanese Buffet Dinner @ Tatsu Intercontinental KL the night before the race. Also a very comfy sleep in the huge soft bed.

Dinner @ Tatsu…Too much good food!


After Nom Nom, I jump onto this Bed and dooze off in 5 minutes!!


p/s review for Tatsu Japanese Buffet & Intercontinental Hotel KL will be up later.

Rise & Shine….Woke up around 6am to prepare my photography gears and head down for breakfast!

Nutrition Packed Breakfast to Start My Beautiful Day!!


On the way…


Arrived!!YAY!! *Excited*


We were welcomed by Michelin staff as well as the White Tires Stack Michelin Mascot!!


We then usher into the main briefing hall. There we were brief on some short facts of Michelin and explanation on that day racing.



Safety and Health Condition is very important during racing. So the staff check whether we have high blood pressure. I was shock when he inform I have high blood pressure!! WTF??I want to race lah…Then he ask whether I have enough sleep, errr 5hours? Then recheck and PASSS!! YESSS…

Smile..after passing the blood pressure test. Mr Iman (on the right) is another Winner from Nuffnang. Check his post here.


So we suit up and get ready to Race! We had our own locker with our name on it…That is so cool…

We were assigned to Green Team. Joey is our personal assistance for the day.


Our day at the renown F1 Sepang Circuit will be packed with fun filled activities such as:

  • Driving Formula Michelin
  • Driving Michelin Rally
  • Enjoy ride with Professional Racer
  • Games
  • Photoshoots


Here we go…


What is it behind???


A line of great Michelin Porsche and Professional racer revealed!!


They look so cool. Aren’t they?


Reach the car driving demo area where staff will let us know how to drive the Formula Michelin!

Remember to press brake when you feel like slowing down!!


We will drive 5 laps on this circuit! The number on the white square background indicate the Gear number at that turning point!


Let’s go!!!


The Above is Formula Michelin

Weight: 480 Kg

Power: 196 bhp

Max Speed: 260 kph

0-100kph: 3.5 sec

Tires: racing slick/wet

Front: 20/54 - 13

Rear: 23/57 – 13


This is my favorite ride of the day! Easier to control and Gear is on the light side. Tire were not stiff and easily to control while taking corner.


“My personal assistant, Charlotte help me to remove my glove…Wah like a Queen, they would help me to wear the helmet, flip the fan when I am are hot, hold umbrella and walk me to my car, pass me drinks after my ride and wipe your sweats if I allowed!!”




After this we go over to the rally area..




Rally is something new and fun to me! However, the rides is bit too bumpy and because it is on the sand; it’s very slippery. There’s a turning point I almost had a spin! Lucky the tire has precise steering and a turn on the steering the tire head back to the front direction! phewww…


We are using Citroen C2 Rally!

Weight: 650 Kg

Power: 150 bhp

Tires: Rally

Front: 14/62 – 15

Rear: 14/62 – 15

After Rally, it was pass noon so we go back to the dining area for lunch. I personally love this burger! Soft Bun and Flavorful Beef!


We continue to our driving experience. By that time my body already feel very tired and guess what??There is massage provided near the resting area! I’m so glad that they came to rescue me from exhausted!!

Ahhhh…this is great..more please..


Quiz Time!!


Just press the button if you know the answer! And Yeah our team won this cute little buddy!! Something I would like to put in my car! Now I hug him while I’m driving!


We were also being teach on how to change tires. Those who can complete the tire changing challenge in the shortest time win! I was so concentrate that I have no time to snap the picture!!

Continue with the final driving slot! This time I’d drive a Clio.

Benjamin Explaining the steps and tips!


This is like our normal car. Nothing special about it!


The Clio!

Weight: 1000 Kg

Power: 220 bhp

Max Speed: 220 kph

0-100kph: 4 sec

Tires: Racing Slick

Front: 20/62 – 18

Rear: 20/62 – 18

Last event of the day is a ride with the professional driver. Woohooo like I’m riding roller coaster. Every corner Benjamin took was so fast and very near the edge. When he hit the sharp corner my adrenaline rush to my brain that my hand grab the handle so hard. I was calm again when he drop the gear and speed up again after the corner!! Jaw dropped!!! Very stable during cornering and not too “floating”. Great tire performance!



Weight: 1300 Kg

Power: 380 bhp

Max Speed: 280 kph

0-100kph: 4.6 sec

Tires: Racing Slick/ wet

Front: 24/64 – 18

Rear: 27/68 – 18


Mr Benjamin Rouget came from France. He won Porsche Challenge in France and have good experience in GT and Formula Renault Asia. He is one of the best drivers of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2012.

Before we say goodbye, there is Trophy awarding session!


Such an unique experience being able to drift through the corner with no limits! Also I get to know more about my favorite Tire Brand Michelin. This is the greatest event I ever went in my life that money couldn’t buy!! This is the only time I am served like a Queen, with personal assistance following everywhere I’d go!

These are the item in my Michelin Back Pack!! *Happy*


p/s I am currently using PS3 Sport Tire. It gives me more driving pleasure with precise steering and outstanding energy efficiency and mileage.

This is only one of my highlight for September. Stay tune for my upcoming post of exciting places, delicious food and great events!!


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