Delayed Dinner: Ipoh Road Curry Mee

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A spoiler post for a break from Michelin Pilot Experience’s posts.

The clock had struck past 7 o’clock and Tom was frantically searching for it. After a futile attempt to locate it, he had relented. That entire search is for an ‘aged old goggles’ which apparently was all I need to get him swim around and fortunately it was an old goggle but nevertheless, he had gotten a strong reminder of not losing things anymore. We head to the swimming pool with lots of sadness especially me but that it didn’t stop us to move a little in the pool (so we can nom nom more food later, hiksss joking).

“Swimming gives lots of benefits especially it helps releases tension from a long day @work!!”

After  the swim, we were contemplating on where to have dinner since it has gotten late and being in the heart of the city, exquisite meal was available all around but preferred something more fulfilling so I had suggested to head on over to the Curry Mee stall situated at Jalan Ipoh. Thomas was assigned to be driver on the evening as retribution for losing the goggles and surprisingly he had managed to fumble again by going on the wrong road. The hunger sinks in and so as the saying

“A hungry man is an angry man” which in this case, an angry woman.

To be continued… Or not… Well in the end, we had reached the place and fired away the orders on arrival.



Everyone is busy with their task!!


Numbers of pot of soup base


We had ordered the Chinese herbal drinks and another side, Black Glutinous Rice. It has a rich sweet taste of the rice and still hot on serving which makes the tummy nice and warm.

“Black Glutinous Rice”


It wasn’t too long later the Curry Noodles arrived though initial wanted to order their Wantan Mee but they had run out of it. I ordered the rice vermicelli mixed with yellow noodles. The vibrant colors of the curry are stunning and a whiff from the aroma emitting from the wave of boiling heat sends the brain one word, nice. Its light texture of the curry soup is accompanied by a hint of coconut milk taste which gives the hint of sweetness and it may look like spicy written all over it, worry not as the spiciness level is suitable for most people. It is so good that you might want to drink up the entire bowl.

“Curry Mee, large RM 5.00”


Thomas on the other hand had ordered the, Fried Koay Teow Mee. I would admit the aroma emit from it, is enticing but could do better with lesser oil as it was greasy all over. The main contributor for the aroma which we figured would be the stir fried garlic and douse with pork lard oil. It would probably remind you of back in Penang

“The greasy CKT, large RM 5.00”


“We love this stall because they serve warm and nice curry @ a very affordable price in KL. RM 4.50 for a small bowl!! Where to get this pricing in KL??”


Due to the close proximity near the Dim Sum Restaurant, the sudden thought of grabbing a serving of Dim Sum arises but was shoot down with guilt ridden thoughts of increased size. Well will save that for another day.

The Jalan Ipoh Curry Mee

Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh

51200 Kuala Lumpur.

“It is adjacent to the Public Bank at Wisma Yap Ka of Jalan Ipoh”

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