Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Charity Walk

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Well, I don’t usually get up so early on weekends. But there’s always exception especially for Charity. Awaked at 6am, prep myself in pink and off we go to Putrajaya Presint 3.

Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer


The event aims to create awareness on breast cancer early detection and targets to create a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records; for The Largest Breast cancer Charity Walk.This 4.5km fun charity walk kicked off in Putrajaya  this morning with many fun ‘cheering stop’ and be entertained by various fun cheers activities and celebrities.

Date : 23 September 2012, Sunday

Time : 7am

Venue: Front of the Palace of Justice building (Presint 3 Putrajaya)

Picture with my blogger friends.


We begin with Zumba Dance stretch a bit before we start walking.


Sea of pink human smile and cheer for the event.


The crowd can’t wait to start the walk. And so….


The run took place within the vicinity of Putrajaya Presint 3 and a U turn to opposite lane to return back to the stage. We were being entertained along the way to the finishing line.

Banner to keep us walking..IMG_1692


Stress free zone..I hope my office would have this too..


Horse to motivate us!




many took this change to record their memorable walk with celebrities like Scha Aiyahya, Noor Neelofa, Soo Winci, Linda Jasmin, Que Haidar, Dato Fazley and many more.

Finally I completed the walk!!


Smiling happily with Jen after the walk!!


Then there is performance by this gorgeous ladies. I love their angel shoes…Are they meant for flying?




Then Madam Siow Fei Fong, one of the breast cancer share her experience fighting against breast cancer.


Event continues with presentation of donation cheques amounting RM 50000 from Avon to Breast cancer Welfare association (BCWA) and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation.

SooWinci performing..


There is also Go Bald session, courtesy of Michael & Guys Hair Salon and Academy where Ms Callie Goh, Director of Michael & Guys Hair Salon and Academy personally perform the go bald session.


Our brave friend Daniel also join the go bald session in the hopes to seek public support to understand how breast cancer patient feel when they lose their hair during the treatment.

Before balding session!!




All shaved!!


This walk is still under consideration for being endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation Breast cancer Charity Walk in Malaysia. That’s a great achievement if it is endorsed!!

This is a very good walk and thanks to Jess for inviting me to this walk. I will definitely join this meaningful walk again.

For more breast cancer information check my previous post.

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