The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updates: Thanks to Nuffnang and Michelin for choosing me as one of the winner!. View my Michelin Pilot Experience here!

From an initial glance, i may look like just another ordinary lady who loves shopping and dressing like most of other ladies out there.  But hold up, definitely I’m one of a kind lady. Me, an shopaholic that enjoys dressing up and cooking in my lovely kitchen but also at the same time i enjoy modifying my car and customizing my car to satisfy my desire to make my ride into a machine of not just engineering perfection but to be able to sustain the input force that drives it under the hood.
Essentially every car has its own history to be told and for mine, it was love at first sight. The very moment I had laid my eyes on my black beauty (which i had later named it Blackie), i knew then that we'll going to places together. My ride was built from the generations of dreams and ideas which had incorporated into one fine piece of machine by the manufacturer, Honda. 

Originally from Honda. (Pic taken from Google Image)  1312891661Honda_City_Black
After my fine touch to Blackie…
Ultra Racing Strut Bar for extra stability while cornering.. 
After a tiring day from work, it is kick back and relax while "Blackie" performs. During which the audio would be jack up to reasonable decibels that could trigger simultaneous movement on the overall limbs to the beat pumping from it.
My Pioneer Deck Unit  
My JL Woofer!!
Power is never lacking when "Blackie" is around as it's Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that can change steplessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values which feels seemless during the transition of transmission and makes acceleration a breeze. With power, must come control and stability which is the main reason that i wouldn't compromise in terms of safety and control for "Blackie".
Gave it additional strut bar for stability increase and most importantly gave its shoes using Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (PS3) tyres. The reason being, the grip of the tyre on the road is impeccable and terrific especially during cornering which i do enjoy the most and would feel secured while using it.
The comfort Michelin PS3 tyre on Blackie.
Unfortunately to drive within the speed limits is NO FUN right? I wish I could have one in a lifetime moment to speed without being limited to the constraints governed by Road Transport Dept and Traffic Police, taking the corners as the G force is pushing your body down as though you're blasting off into space or perhaps in a jet fighter, F22 Raptor at Mach 3. Just Once, would want to fulfill my wish of to be one with the machine of man made engineering marvel, to be in sync with decibel that could ripped out the ear drum, I deserve to win this once in a lifetime experience made possible by Michelin.
Speeding with this car at top speed will definitely kick my adrenaline rush to the top of my brain!

Wish Come True for me if I get to be in his spot in the car huh?

Nuffnang & Michelin: Just let me pick one, would you?

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