Super Stars of Magic 2, Part 1: Genting International Magic Festival 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012


Ever since the Statue of Liberty (Yes, The Lady Liberty) was magically disappeared and only to appear back moments later by the infamous, David Copperfield back in 1983 during television broadcast and the more recent, Breaking The Magicians Code which would amaze and leaving audiences in awe during that time would have to brace themselves for this magic show, Super Star of Magic 2.

Specially handpicked are 8 exceptional magicians by David Lai whom is both the Director and Producer which have brought the Super Star of Magic back in 2011, to mesmerize and enchant audiences into an unbelievable magical evening of fun and entertainment.

[Warning: Gag restraint is required]


First line up on opening act is Chipper Lowell who is known for his clean comedy and original magic. Not only he packed gags of laughs through the evening, he will make you laugh silly (Hence the restraint to avoid from rolling down the steps).

I’m gonna get you gagging for cover.. Haha


The next act, Charlie Frye & Co would just falls into your tickle bone. The Charlie would be silent and mimic moves by Charlie Chaplin but with a lil more flair to it, would be juggling and his lovely wife, Sherry would be immerse by herself rather than giving help to the poor chap. Pretty sure many would root for poor ol’ Charlie.

Charlie:(Thank goodness for… AHhhh) Sherry: My foundation requires attention


Next up we have Nestor Hato which i believe nicknamed Blazing Hands because those miraculous hand movements during the act of card manipulation is beyond visual comprehension (It is really THAT fast) that would leave many audiences in awe.

Cards, Just cards and yes, the hand comes in handy

For the next act, you might wanna hold on your pockets as Christian Lindemann is labeled as “Europe’s Best Pick Pocketer”. Tricks employed are beyond reasoning that make you wonder, how on earth did that happened? (Flashback, Leverage Season 4 Finale Where Parker picked 3 items at one go during a stroll) And it gets humorous as he employs elements of humour to keep the audiences from digesting on how it happened.


Clean shave, great smile and master pick pocket

Well, thats all for now first..Stay tuned for the final 4 acts…

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