Singapore Business Trip, Part 2: Dine & Party @ Clarke Quay

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Continuing from Part 1….I love to stay nearby Clarke Quay (CQ) whenever I travel to Singapore (SG) for work. WHY? Obviously it’s because CQ is full of places to hangout at night!! After long day at work, I will dine with my friends around area nearby and then we hope to CQ for a drink and party on Friday night. Occasionally i dine alone in CQ too…enjoying the moment alone…


I admire the colorful window on this building…



Mid of the Weekday’s

At Fremantle Seafood Market, all kinds of seafood were flown in from all places that catch great seafood. As usual, the table we set beside the CQ’s river and its open air. Lighting is warm and well as the surrounding. Sometime, when weather is windy then it will be great. The dim lighting sort of preparing a romantic moment for me BUT I’m all alone. So there come my Alfonsino (a name of fish) come along with scallop foil parcels, dill, caper, fennel julienned with citrus sauce. What a complicated name, well dill (herbs) used to cook fish; adding a slight tanginess to the fish. Caper is a sundried greens bud packed in vinegar brine; very delicate buds I’d say. Julienned is a special way to chop vegetables commonly used in French cooking. Fennel, a round vegetable usually julienned to become matchstick alike shape. My Alfonsino is definitely fill with sea fresh sweetness. Every flakes full of nourishment to my mouth…the citrus sauce adds a little spice to the white meat. Scallop is spongy and juicy….


Greedy me also add another all time favorite ESCARGOT baked with spinach and burnt butter. I love it, a delicious twist using spinach that is so soft and it pair well with the escargot. The butter melts all over my mouth.


My Drink for the Night, Lychee Mojito….Refreshing!!


For full menu click here

Fremantle Seafood Market,

Clarke Quay Block E #01-05 to  #01-06,

3E River valley Road,

(S) 179024


Then, we walk across to Highlander Bar for some beer and enjoying the song. That night quite a number of R&B song played. Great place to hangout for a drinks with friends. A wide range of whiskies. Just select from the choice of spirits, shooters or classic cocktails.

Tapas bar

Picture taken from Highlander Bar’s official website

Tapas bar

Highlander Bar,

3B River Valley Road, 

Singapore 179021.


We have plenty of time to spend on Friday. One of the Friday, we head to Takashimaya for dinner. Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant is where we has decided to eat in on Friday Night!



Often the tiny little dish will open the meal while waiting for the meats to be barbequed!! My pick would the lightly seasoned spinach, sticky crunch lotus root and big head bean sprout tossed with chilies strips. I refill for at least 3 time for those I pick..A great appetizer to slot in between the slabby BBQ meat.


I thought the fat Pork Belly Strips will be too giggling feeling to me..those smooth and unbreakable fats…But if you look carefully, the fat is well balanced between the lean meat. When grilled till slightly brownish and cook it a lil longer will bring a very nice pork aroma. As a plus, the fats became crispy too just the way I like it!


I can’t find the picture of my honey glazed pork ribs. The only picture I found was when I was grilling it in the picture. I am so into the grilling mood!! Once done grilling, a suck on the ribs will burst some of sauce used to marinate it which is so tasty!


We add in the soup with “nian kao” and dumpling. Dumpling is filled with chewy and flavorsome meat filling. The “nian kao” is thick flour dough made in square shape; infused with the broth goodness.


It cost a merely SGD 60++ for two of us.

Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant,
391 Orchard Road #04-20,
Ngee Ann City Singapore.

Took a cab and head back to hotel for a shower before we continue our wild night!!

Attica is our desire place for dancing and drinking…party all nigh long…I realize most of the club in Singapore does not have dance floor and this includes Attica. However Attica gathers lots of beautiful people from all over the world and DJ constantly mixing the latest R&B hit.

All image found in Google

Attica, Clarke Quay,

3A River Valley Road,

Singapore 179020

Sunday End of Weekend

Before the Sunday night end, chill out at Octapas, a Spanish Restaurant & Bar. Sunday Night was the night where the Gorgeous Lady performing some of the latest Hit. Her voice is incredible, she can handle Rolling Deep by Adele very well too.


Besides the awesome performance, the food they serve is one of the best Spanish food I’ve have in Asia. 

Grilled chicken in cream, wasn’t creamy at all but it is a good starter.


Grilled Octopus with Paprika & Olive Oil was very very juicy on the bite. Every bite fill my mouth with the olive and paprika taste gravy.


This Valenciana Paella, signature Version from Valencia. The rice were cooked in a pan wrap along with chorizos, pork, chicken, mussel shrimps and fish. Greens peas, black pepper and bell pepper were added in. A very hearty dish! Much better than the one I had in G3 Kitchen in Bangsar.


For full menu click here

Octapas, Clarke Quay,

3D River Valley Road ,

Singapore 179023

Well Clarke Quay is such an nice place for me to spend my day after a tired day at work BUT only if you have whole lots of cash to spend there every day. LOL…Hope you all will get to enjoy at least a night at Clarke Quay for dining or even for party!

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