RW Genting, Bubbles & Bites: The Bites!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Thursday while Singapore is celebrating their National Day, me and Thomas head up to Genting. You must wonder why on earth we purposely travel all the way to Genting right? Well, we were invited to have few bites in the newly open Bubbles & Bites (B & B) F&B outlet. So why not right?


In B & B, we felt like dining in the Lavender field. The purple theme did brings us an very Elegant and Romantic feeling. Pop (K-Pop is included too) and RnB songs played to keep diners entertained while enjoying the scrumptious bite on the food served on their tables.


Bubbles  is refer to the range of wines available to be consume along with a Bites of the food. Such a creative name!! B & B creates the environment to attract more young people to hangout in their restaurant either for dining or just drinking (The Bubbles will be up in next post). In fact young lady like me already missing this “Lavender” alike place while I am writing this post. So, KUDOS  to B & B for doing such great job in the interior decoration and setting.



B & B has replaced Pizza Factory and they does not only serve pizzas but an arrays of pastas, western foods and desserts. Hey, that’s an addition on top of what Pizza Factory had offered!! They pledged that no MSG is added to while cooking the dishes, all flavors are Au Naturel from the raw material itself. Honest meals is what they want to portray to their diners.


Caesar Salad, RM 15.00 to start our meal. Mixture of baby romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, egg, beef bacon with creamy house Caesar dressing and topped with smoked salmon. texture of the smoke salmon is perfect…The smoke fragrant of every smoked salmon slice is very appetizing.


The first Pizzas, Isle of Capri, RM 21.00. Strips of turkey ham covered the pizza dough and melting mozzarella cheese coated the entire filling. Mushrooms, Spanish red onion, cherry tomatoes, grilled red capsicum & plump anchovies were spread evenly  Thin but yet still very fulfilling on every savory bite.


Thai Red Curry Seafood, RM 21.00, seriously I can differentiate between Thai Curry or the normal curry we use to have. It taste the same to me. Lots of fresh squid’s rings floating above the curry sauce were so fresh. Everything was good except the ingredient was not infused with the curry aroma. Curry is towards the sweet side.


At first, I thought this is another pizza entry, I did not realize even after I bite on it. When I was told by Chloe that this is actually pasta omelet, the Loose Pasta Frittata, RM 21.00 . Very creative creation, sadly there is not much flavors to it. Addition of spicy sausage and cheese is meaningless. Perhaps we need to add some salt to it since there eliminate the usage of MSG.


Next is the Al Dente Spaghetti cooked with a wine, garlic, tomato and seafood sauce, RM 19.00. The spaghetti feel overcooked for me. nevertheless the squids and prawns is fresh and sea sweet. The tomato and seafood sauce is aromatic but it is diluted. Did the chef forgot the wine? I don’t taste any in the spaghetti!!


This is something memorable to me, 8 hour Slow Braised Lamb Shank served on Cous Cous, RM 23.00. The lamb is juicy and tender though it may not be as good as the lamb shank I have in Zouk Cafe or even Secret Recipe but so far this is the best dish of the day. IMHO, it can do better by adding more flavor while marinating the lamb and braise it longer to let the flavor seep through the lamb. The cous cous originally from North Africa made from grain, crisp and bit salty when bite on it.


The last main order is the Lam Lee Burger (B & B signature dish), RM 20.00, a twisted version of Ramlee burger we used to buy from the street stall. Similarly, the fried egg is wrapped around the beef patty. I did not tried since i do not fancy chilly sauce. According to Thomas, the beef patty was thick and meaty BUT not moist enough. Fries is simple just like home made wedges.


Then we proceed to our side order, Peri-Peri Chicken Wing, RM 16.00. This is totally different than the Peri Peri chicken served by Nando. I felt the skin is too dry and flat. The flesh is rather tough.


To complete today meals there  is Tiramisu and Bread & Apple Pudding. Not much uniqueness here both is rather one dimensional. However I love how they place the cotton candy beside the tiramisu, a very gentle touch..




Overall, all dish is satisfying but they need think of some other flavor to replace the missing of MSG. I have taste some other restaurant who claimed they DO NOT use MSG in their kitchen but still maintain a fair taste on their dishes. Nevertheless, I think they serve some really delicious choices compare to the other restaurant available in Genting. Don’t forget to try their Lamb Shank and Isle of Capri if you visit Bubbles & Bites!!

Monday to Thursday
11am – 12midnight
Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday
11am – 2am

Bubbles & Bites

Level 2, Highlands Hotel


Cindy’s Verdict:

Food: 6/10

Price: 8/10 (Consider in Genting, compare the price and the dish and environment they served is very worthy!!)

Cleanliness: 8/10 (plain yet elegant)

Ambient Environment: 7/10 (Nice interior but too warm for me)

Service: 8/10 (waiter is very attentive)


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