Genting Mid Autumn Festival: A Delectable Master Piece from the Mountains

Monday, August 13, 2012

Have you ever try celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with your loves one on top of the misty mountains? This year, me and Thomas travel all the way up to Genting Highlands for this moon cakes tasting event in conjunction with Genting Mid-Autumn Festival. Not only given opportunity to taste all 16 flavors of moon cakes created by “Sifu” of the Resorts World Genting, we also had our very own moon cake making session with special guidance by the sifu.

We begin with the Snow Skin Moon cake which is my favorite of all other available moon cakes out in the market. The Sifu say Ladies always favor snow skin moon cakes. I need to verify this against all my lady reader. All gorgeous reader do you favor this chilled snow skin moon cake too?


Well snowy moon cake always served cold and thus idea came across by mixing fruity flavor in lotus paste filling. Fruits is best eat when it is chilled too thus the snowy skin and the fruit filling is the best matching ever.

This Snow Skin Kiwi Fruit Paste was something very creative. The seeds and the flavor are all extracted from the real Kiwi fruit. I think it lack of Kiwi’s tartness and sourness , not much differ with the normal white lotus paste moon cake despite the attractive outlook. Wonder will it give more chewiness if the fruit bites is added into the lotus paste.



The Yellow Queen, Snow Skin Mango Paste smell so goods even from far. Love the flavor though its has a little mango artificial flavor alike. Prefer this over the kiwi ones. Mango flavor is added on the lotus paste as well as into the snow skin. This explains the strong mango aroma.


For a healthy option, there is Low Sugar Lotus Paste and Healthy White Lotus with Spirulina Skin.

Texture is soft and skin is not too thick. Great for those who is health conscious.


I thought this will taste like overly greeen…like the blended leaves juice taste. Surprisingly this taste good with a slight bitter taste that tickles my tongue. Thomas who hates spirulina likes it too…MCake13 

Sifu has create a blend of ginseng and red dates with white lotus paste in the moon cake. Well I don’t really likes herbs reproduced food so no no for me. But this can be a good option to treat your grandparents…


The King of all fruits, the Durian Lotus Paste. I was overly excited to heard about it appearance. It was a let down, durian flavor is not dense enough for me!!!! Can’t feel the durian melting kind of feeling in my mouth.


The Emperor, Golden Jade with Single Yolk is great as souvenir for the elders. This is one of the traditional ones. It just authentically good.


Here comes my another favorite of all the White Butter Skin with Pandan Sweet Corn Paste Yolk. White Butter Skin is such a good idea and the pandan paste marry very well with the sweet corn (custard) yolk. Can you see the texture and color of the yolk differ from the rest? Sifu added the custard and flour into the yolk to create a mashed like texture yolk. Thumbs up for his brilliant idea. 


Another new creation, White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame Yolk. The layering of the black sesame around the yolk give a great break after the sweet lotus paste bite.


Chestnut, I always crave for it only if someone peel the skin for me. Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut is something I would really enjoy. The delicate center chestnut filling melts in my mouth.


The Assorted nut “Ng Yan” is crisp and nutty. Sadly it taste rather bitter for me.


Other common flavor which is also Best Seller is available too…Best to pair with Pu Er Tea for the following 4 types of moon cakes.

Never thought the Red Bean Paste can be so dense..I think if they pair this red bean paste with the green tea paste, I will immediate buy one from them.


 Green Tea Paste very nicely prepared. Green tea flavor infused into the lotus paste.


Lotus Paste with Single/ Double Egg Yolk. Next time I will make a Triplets Yolk moon cake. HAHAHA…..




For the good fortune and in conjunction of the year of Dragon, Sifu purposely get the mold carved with Dragon pattern.


Also the Money God Cookie specifically created to bring good luck. Just like a piece of gold…Its basically like biscuit made from mixture of the moon cake skin and lotus paste. Best eaten after dipped in coffee.


There me enjoying my moon cake in breeze overseeing the beautiful Genting view.


Overall, they made a good moon cake and most importantly they are not overly sweet and the skin thickness within my expectations.

So purchase few box for yourself and family or as gift to relatives and friends.

Early bird get 20% off from now till 15th August 2012. For purchase above 50 boxes you entitled for 30% off.

Resorts World Genting’s  Moon cake can be purchased from these outlets:

  • Genting Palace Restaurant
  • Lao Di Fang Entrance
  • Good Friends Restaurant
  • Resort Hotel Lobby
  • Hainan Express @ TPH
  • Hainan Kitchen
  • Coach Cafe
  • One Hub Wisma Genting.

For more info, feel free to visit their Resort Word Genting's Moon cake

Stay tune for next post as I will reveal the secrets of making a delicious moon cake.

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