ES Cafe Hong Kong Dim Sum: My Weekly Brunch!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last i blog about this dim sum  favorite place of mine was 2year ago. Not because of their dim sum quality drop  but because it has become my brunch routine here.... And so never thought of posting it...

After seeing the dim sum review from thenomadgourmand i intro this dim sum to her and realize my post was2 year ago!!

I can have this dim sum max of 3times a week. For me what most important is the freshness of the dim sum as well as the flavor. I prefer lightly seasoned dim sum in another way not too salty which enable me to taste the original flavor of the meats and seafood wrapped underneath the skin! As for freshness,  this place steam and fried the dim sum on order. So do not worry of cold or repeatedly heated dim sum. Yes the same goes to the fried one's but during weekend due to the crowd they pre fried the dim sum but still maintain the crispiness... Off course the freshly out from oven is more crispier...

I only order those special flavor that only available on weekend.. The common siew mai and har kao is easily available on weekdays.

We were very hungry that morning, can’t wait for the steam ones to arrive we sneak a plate of fried dumpling form the tray!! The plump meat filling covered with the crispy skin great as a snack before we enter to the main ones.


Here comes the steams ones, we select 3 types.

First were the Dao Miu (Pea Sprout) Kao, The first bite was tangy and crunchy. The pea sprout is very sweet.


Look at the delicious green pea sprout!!


Second was the Lo Tsun (Asparagus) Kao. This is another tender meat with a hint of crunchiness!! Thanks to the fresh Asparagus cubes!!



Finally is the Yim Sai (Parsley) Kao. The Parsley brings aroma to the prawn and meat filling. The color may not be so appealing but the filling is definitely a hit!!



I didn’t get to have my Tai Pau, already finish by 10.30am….So to fix half empty stomach I order lean meat and century egg porridge. The smooth and “starchy” feeling porridge fills with treasures…This is how I like my porridge to be..not too diluted and bland…

Fills with lean pork meat, century egg, salted egg, dried oyster and etc!!


Then the must have cha siew pau…Superb texture of the bun as well as the char siew filling. The fat meat ratio is balanced well!


Lastly, we always love the fried radish cakes here Without chili off course. My family’s member have a mild tummy..Since they ready made and display on the tray, by means all with chilis….So I asked the waiter can I order a new one without chili like usual? He say no, we are very busy today…I am disappointed…Then another waiter come to me and you still want it? I say yes definitely!! He show his 5 finger up, 5 minutes ya??? I nod my head and wait for it!! It worth every minutes I waited for it!

They are very generous on the amount of the fat bean sprout, egg flakes and kao choy (chives). The radish cake is crispy on its skin and delicate and soft in the centre!! Ooo I feel like eating another plate now!!



So me and mum were stuffed by all above dim sum and it cost us a merely RM 32++ I’d say this is a very decent meal!!


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