Coco Steamboat @ Taman Bukit Hijau (Beside of Taman Tayton View) Cheras

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Though I live in a tropical country which is hot and humid, it wont stop me from having a boiling hot steamboat.

In Klang Valley itself, already consist of few types of steamboat available. Ranging from, the traditional steamboat with various soup base,, shabu-shabu, Lok-Lok on table and steamboat buffet for those who want to stuffed their stomach.

Speaking about soups there is also multiple choices out there. From the common chicken soup, tomyam, herbal soup to those creative type like soya based soup, bones infused soup, bah kut teh soup,  fish head soup, kimchi soup,sukiyaki soup, miso soup and the list goes on and on.

This particular Coco Steamboat is one of my favorite now. Wonder what so special about it? Mainly is because of the Milky Pork Bones infused soup base.  To make it even better, the accompanying ingredients which all of it is better than all other steamboat in Klang Valley that I’ve tried so far.


They do have other type of soup to offer too but trust me though this milky pork bone soup cost RM 17.90 it will be all worth it..

They used a truly huge pork bone to boil the soup for hours beforehand.  Black pepper and the parsley leave were added to the soup as a final touch.

Pork Bone Infused Soup, RM 17.90 per pot


You get to select either set of ingredients, RM 15.90 (seafood,  dumpling,  meat balls,  vegetables,  noodles, egg,  tofu and etc)  OR select from range of ala-carte home made seafood or meatballs,  meat slices (lamb,  beef and pork),  mushrooms and vegetables.


We order 2 sets and a few ala-carte dish.

We love every bites of the dumpling and lamb slices to the end of it.

The springy mushroom ball is a must try here.

Handmade Mushroom Meat Ball, RM 8.90


Other were good too but not as good as the dumpling and lamb meat,. 

Like I mentioned above, all ingredients are of better taste and great freshness than most of other steamboat out there.

Bursting Pork Meat Ball, RM 8.90


Lamb Meat Slice, Rm 11.90


Beef Meat Slice, Rm 11.90


The Dumpling is something to try on, can be fried too if you prefer. Just order from the ala-carte menu…

Steamboat Set, Rm 15.90 each set. Below is for 2 sets portion.


Also they does the offer crisp and aromatic fried minced garlic to sprinkle on your soup.


Thomas even finish all the pork flesh wrapped around the bones... DELICIOUS!!

Coco Steamboat

No 37, Ground Floor,

Jalan 1/119, Taman Bukit Hijau,

5600 Kuala Lumpur.

( If Leisure Mall is on your right, you will need to turn left to enter Tayton View. Immediately after the left turning, make another left turn. Then you will be able to see a row of shops on your right. Coco Steamboat is located towards end of the shop row.)

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