Chee Xiang BBQ Pork Rice

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Today was such a hot day.. Arrived and grab a seat nearby the fan.  Still very hot since the stall is covered with zinc roof only.

Ordered roast chicken and char siew for 2 person and one slice of braised tofu.

Needless to say the char siew is always good here. The only drawback is they lack of caramel coating that melts in my mouth.

I am quite surprise how the tofu can bring so much herbs aroma.  It's smooth and soft texture is served hot dipped in the braised gravy.

The rice is quite common. The roast chicken totally out... Too dry and tough.  Perhaps we should try the roast duck instead.

Restaurant Chee Xiang

No 205 Main Road Kanan, Batu 11

Jalan Kampong Baru, Cheras

43200 Kajang, Selangor

TEL: 6019 3111390

GPS : 3.043969,101.7731


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