Autumn in Korea Day 3: Mount Seorak & Hot Pot Dinner

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Well, I was so busy posting my other food and activities that I have no time for Korea Trip post until the Gangnam Style hit me day and night. Radios, TVs, blogs and even colleagues..this singles is everywhere around me…So here I am continuing my Korea Trip Updates.

If you never climb up to Mount Seorak before then it’s like you have never been to South Korea!! Mount Seorak being the highest mountain in the Taebaek mountain range. Situated within 15 minutes drive from Sokcho city to arrive at the national park.


Just realize that there is waterfall in the national park after reading through this website. Sadly we missed it BUT hey, we still made it to the peak. It took us about 30 minutes to slowly walk up to the peak.

Beforehand we need to queue for the cable car up to half of the mountain (short cut). Queue length is long as usual in this kind of tourist spot…


I never thought that the Mount Seorak is formed by rocks and its never easy to hike up on these smooth and slippery rock surface. Some portion, steps with rubbery pad is provided as well.


Here we are, on the Peak. Its cooling and refreshing up there…Needless to mention on the breathtaking view.



We rarely can see blue sky…It’s autumn so it is cloudy most of the time..


I fell in love with the colorful trees during Autumn….


It getting dark soon, we quickly walk down the steps again..

The tall Bronze Buddha of Sinheungsa (Buddhist Temple) near the main entrance to Seoraksan National Park is a very nice statue to be admire at. The carving is amazing.


At the bottom we get to enjoy a cup of tea near a small cottage. Then we continue to snap picture surrounding the national park before we leave for dinner.


P IMG_1969 (420)

As usually every is dead tired and hungry…Hotpot for the night…. This time with only pork slice and all sort of vegetables. Despite being fresh the broth is very sweet. Always keep us warm in the cold autumn night…


Look at the pork slices, the fats and lean meat balanced very well…


Another Day has passed in Korea…Still enjoying every single moment… next up <3 Nami Island Tour..

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