Autumn in Korea: Day 3, Daepohang Fish Market &Teddy Bear Farm

Monday, August 06, 2012

Where would be the best place to find the finest Korea’s local delicacies if it is not at Daepohang Fish Market. At Daepohang port local always say that Mount Seorak and the East Sea are gifts from nature.


Witness with your naked eyes the rare sea species swimming in the container. It is not a pet nor for decoration but to be cooked and eaten. I bet it is hard to see even one type of this sea species in Malaysia.

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Even the dried seafood is widely sold along shops in along the stretch.

Especially these seaweeds, one of the must buy. Taste good when insert into soups..


You can consider buying the dried seafood as souvenir to your uncles & aunties.

In order to treat our hungry tummy after soaking in the hot spring, there are varieties of stalls selling tones of local snacks for us to choose from.

This is my favorite, Squid Stuffed with Glutinous Rice mixture.


The outer is chewy and it is so juicy and exquisites internally.. Must be the spice and some other ingredient they used to cooked the glutinous rice. Obviously the squid is SOOOO fresh and that's the main contribution to the sweetness of the flesh.


Alongside also few types of tempura alike prawns, squids, fish cake and vegetables. All of them is crunchy and the seafood moist is well retained.


Local Koreans waiting for customer at their stall…some are too tired and fall asleep while waiting..



Click here for more info on Daepohang Fish Market

Right after its time to visit the Teddy Bear Farm. We felt like we were back in childhood time again.


This farm is a house of varieties of teddy bear. These teddy bear is use to portrayed the unique lifestyle of Sokcho’s people.


Their art in creating these teddy bear is so fine and each and every teddy bear has it’s own character and story. Thumbs Up for their great work.


Click here for more info on Teddy Bear Farm

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