The Egg Day

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mama & Son

Started with a Loh Pan Mee for brunch.

The thick and long pan mee cook in starchy egg mixture soup is simply delicious..

They make the best egg texture where the runny egg yolk is not too raw nor too cooked.. Few drop of vinegar would add the taste more..

Chewing the pan mee with a slurp of the darken soup satisfy my hungry tummy in the morning...

Mama & Son

Taman Segar Perdana (Same row with 7-eleven)

Toast Box

Its kinda weird to have half boiled egg and toast for dinner.  Well i opt for a lighter meal for dinner.

I've tried 2 different set.  Thick toast and Soft Bun set.

Thick toast on peanut butter is rather dry and my jaw is sore chewing towards the last piece...


Soft bun is more moist on the top and crunchy in the middle.  Not too dry even with peanut butter.


What i like here is the peanut butter comes with peanut chunks. Just the way i like it to coat on my toast..

The half boiled egg is boiled to perfection.  Fluffy and springy egg white and when yolk is burst it is as runny as liquid...

Milk tea is another reason i visit toast box.  Its hot and just at the right sweetness level for me. The bubbly surface of the milk tea makes is taste as good as good as those mamak teh tarik.

Toast Box,
1st Floor, Food Republic,
Pavilion KL

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