Sukiya at Pavilion

Friday, July 27, 2012

Whenever we visit Japanese restaurant,  the first to order is Sukiyaki!! In Sukiya you can have as much beef slices as you want to boil in sukiyaki soup.  To make it more interesting,  unlimited lamb and chicken slices is available on order.

Beef slices
Chicken slices
Lamb Slices
Choose 2 soup from the menu which consists of sukiyaki,  miso,  shabu-shabu and kimchi.

There's also all sort of green vegetables, oyster mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, yam, sweet corn, pumpkin, seafood tofu, udon noodles, fish balls,  crab balls,  cuttle fish balls and small clams.

Despite the meat slices, others must take are the king oyster mushrooms,  yam,  cheese seafood tofu and crab balls.

Follow these simple step to enjoy the steamboat the best way...
1. Put carrots, yam, pumpkin and leek into the soup base.
2. Beat the egg and add few drops of soy sauce into the egg.
3. Once the soup is boiled,  take a slice of meat and dip it into the egg.  Then put the meat into the boiling soup for a minute. Then the meat slice is ready to be eaten.
4.  Pour the remaining egg onto the soup once you done with the meat slice dipping.
The thin slices of meat is so fine that i dont even need to chew on it... Beef slices is the best!
We still prefer sukiyaki over the other soup type.  We enjoy something sweet.
Too bad the udon was break into pieces.. Grrr i like my udon to be long so that i can slurppp it down my sukiyaki...
For dessert,  there is chocolate and green tea sundae. Choose cup or cone.  Chocolate taste better as green tea is bit too bitter. Texture is not too smooth though..
For lunch it is only RM 29.90 and dinner cost RM 39.90. Think lunch is much worthy..
6th Floor,
Pavilion,  KL

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