Malacca: The Extraordinary Food Hunting Part 2/2

Friday, July 06, 2012

The sun is getting hotter towards noon time, and this means we need some chilled stuff before we die in this hot weather…Finding our way to Bukit Rambai just a few meters ahead of Pantai Klebang. It wasn’t that hard to locate this place with a little help by Google Map.

GPS Coordinates: N2 14.804 E102 11.516

Here we are at Aunty Koh’s cendol, surprisingly we were the first customer of the day. By that we have full service by aunty from shaving the ice to pouring the cendol with the thick coconut milk to our table. Aunty was very friendly and we managed to chat a little with her before the stalls is packed with groups of families. Be here before 12.30 pm to avoid the jam packed crowd and parking space is quite limited here. Do expect self service if you are late!!


This cendol not the best one but it’s definitely distinctable than the usual Malacca cencol that is empower by the Gula Malacca (Malacca Brown Sugar). The coconut milk dominates the bowl of cendol where it help tone down the sweetness of the brown sugar…For the cendol the green worm alike, I still prefer the ones in Jonker 88 as the latter one does taste like wax.


Getting not enough chilling we drive back to Pantai Klebang for the Original Coconut Milk Shake. It is located along the road stretch along the Pantai Klebang.

GPS Coordinates: N2 12.920 E102 12.365

Look at the size of the gigantic blender…


The crushed ice together with coconut pulp and its’ juice and lastly a scoop of vanilla ice-cream were all blend together…Tadaaa…COCONUT MILK SHAKE!!!


Perhaps, we were all bloated with food and water before this as we don’t really like this shake. The ice wasn’t smooth after all and the coconut pulp to tiny to chew on and IT WAS TOO SWEET!! I suggest to skip this from the TO HUNT LIST!

At this moment, we felt like we are pregnant for months!!! We definitely need a long walk before we could continue to hunt for food..Right after 60 minutes of walking and wandering around in Pahlawan Malacca we are ready to hunt again!!

This one was tough to locate, Ming Pork Sate with a small sign board and they had refurbish the restaurant where they no longer grill the sate in front of the shop instead they move it to the back..This is why we go round and round looking for the smoke sign results from grilling the barbeque..We were all laughing when we realize it is only few lot away from Nadeje Pastisserie Cafe at Taman Melaka Raya

GPS Coordinates: N2 11.368 E102 14.800


Without hesitating we order 20 stick of pork sate…The pork sate was grill to perfection with a slight burn on the surface which give it a lil crisp . The pork meat is more springy compare to chicken and they marinate it long enough that the meat is so flavorsome…Unfortunately to accompanying peanut sauce was not is too cold…It will gives umphhh if the pork sate is dip in a hot peanut sauce..Just forget about the cucumber as they cut it too early and the cucumber is left air dried…


Walk to the the next door Nadeje Pastisserie Cafe and realize the queue will take some time, we decided to take away the mille crepes instead of dining in. We are running out of time as we need to rush to Capitol Sate Celop before their queue become lengthy..


Well, all the mille crepes taste the same to me or at least the center of each delicate pieces taste similar….The center of the piece taste like a few thin layer of omelet repetitively arrange on top of each other with a layer of crème on each omelet layer. The distinctive flavor can only be differentiate from the top layer of the mille crepe (sweet and sour taste for the Mango Mille Crepe). We order flavors like Praline, Mango and Strawberry Mille Crepe. My favorite will be the Strawberry, the slight sweet and sour spice it up; a great combination. Praline on the other hand was intensify with chocolate and coffee flavor. Mango was quite simple, with a touch of the Mango puree..

M19   M18

Once done with Mille Crepe in our car we rush to Capitol Sate Celop and the queue has built up already. We end up queuing for 3 hour for it…OMG i could not believe we queue that long…This time I found that their sauce is not as good as before…and the stick varieties is like getting lesser…


My previous post on Capitol Sate Celop

Very tired and exhausted we decided to head home right after Sate Celop….Thus our food hunt ended here….We will definitely come back for more…

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