Autumn in Korea: Day 2, Kimchi Making & Korean BBQ

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After tiring tour at Everland we head to Korea BBQ at a secluded area….God knows where…We just follow where the tour guide go…

There’s a lot of other tourist who visit this restaurant just like us…Filled with Korean BBQ table, we seated down on one…


The meat slice here is truly different from what I used to have back in those in Hartamas, KL. The meat was not heavily marinated, still in the raw meat color. It taste more natural, bringing out the original flavor of the pork. The small side dishes like bean sprout, seaweed, spinach, tofu and kimchi taste bland too…Perhaps I had a different taste bud…

It sound great to be able to learn to make Kim Chi and eat it along with the roasted meat….BUT not to me…I don’t even like the smell of it..I jus don’t have the chili genes in me!! So what I do is standing there as photographer.


My friends seems to enjoy the Kim Chi making session very much. If the instructor were a handsome Korean guy I will make an exception to be the participants too!!


The only thing that brighten my evening is photography session with Korean Traditional Costume “Hanbok”. Hanbok also come with a head gear. According to Linda, Hanbok’s neck line is specially designed to cover their naturally short neck. There are varieties of color and design to choose from the rack. Everyone is happily choosing and putting it on. Posing and smiling is the greatest satisfaction at this time.



Stay tune for more korea trip updates..

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