Autumn in Korea: Day 2, The Everland

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Everland, the huge theme park located in Yongin city of Gyeonggi-do province. Mainly divided into 3 distinct themes Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway. In addition, there is also a Safari Zoo in the Caribbean Bay, I’d say this is a must visit spot.

Express Bus: From Seoul Nambu Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an express bus bound for Everland (1 hour ride).

We were earliest group of people at the main entrance of Everland. Hence, giving me opportunity to capture the beautiful Everland easily.


This cute lady will sing a welcoming song before they officially open the theme park. Of course the song is in Korean Language.


The queue at Safari zoo will be very long after 10 am, hence make it the first place to visit on your list.

There will be a bus to bring visitor tour around the zoo. The tour guide tell us about the marriage between the Tiger and Lion.


Their kid, called LIGER. Look at her with the little stripes on her body, how adorable.


The bear can perform very well. They can clap hand, bow and greet.


After visiting Safari, Linda gave us 2 hour to tour around the remaining park. I really hope I can ride this wooden roller coaster. Sadly, the queue took more than 1 hour.


We have no choice but to opt for other rides…

4D show, brings fun and humour at the same time.


This ride is real dizzy, imagine like you are tossed in washing machine.


Have a final peek at the souvenir store before leaving Everland…


Next up KIMCHI making,,,

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