Autumn in Korea: Day 2, Chilling Steamboat for Dinner

Saturday, July 21, 2012


To all my reader, I am very sorry to breakdown the post into so many portion for Korea Trip. I am very tied up at work recently. No choice but to post part by part..

After having fun on the costume, Linda brought us to a small cozy restaurant… The owner is very polite and friendly. She bring us to our table and ask where we come from…

In fact people in Korea is very friendly and they smile and greet to all visitor..

That night was chilling, there is a little of snowflakes scattered on the road…Perfect for steamboat.

Pot filled with clear broth were heated up right in front of us…Few plates of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and slices of pork meat readily served on the table. It’s like steamboat buffet style…Eat and drink all we can!!!


Once the clear broth is boiling, we add all the ingredient into the pot. The long cabbage is the main dish for the day. This long cabbage by them was plant by locals here. The cabbage itself is very sweet and tangy…It gives me feeling like eating organic steamboat..


We girls continues to drink the sweet soup while chewing the long cabbage. The soup helps keep us warm on the chilly day.

That night, we were all so exhausted..Everyone fall asleep on the way to hotel.

We stay in YongPyong Resort in Pyungchang-gun district. The rooms here come with Tatami bed setting.


My first experience on tatami…I still prefer the common mattress on top of bed frame..My back felt pain and uncomfortable as the wooden floor is quite hard…Well not too bad actually feel like sleeping on the floor when my house having electric blackout…marble flooring is cooling…


YongPyong Resort Dragon Valley Hotel: the kitchen in the room. Well equipped.

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