Autumn in Korea: Day 1, AnyoHaseyo

Saturday, July 07, 2012


Before I begin, allow me to share some travel tips to those who planning to Korea in Autumn..

  1. Exchange 70% of your money to Korean Won in Malaysia and the remaining in Korea. Bank in Korea can offer better exchange rate.
  2. It’s cold, average temperature throughout the day will be 11degC. Bring jacket, long sleeves tops and scarf to keep you warm. For ladies who wants to look good in the photos, instead of bringing few jacket wear a few layer of top (can be interchanged the next day).
  3. LADIES, please buy extra baggage! You do not want to end up paying for the extra baggage fee. 
  4. Wear comfortable covered shoe, either Sport shoe or Boots.
  5. Bring lip balm and lotion, your skin can dry up easily.
  6. Bring your TOWEL. Some hotels and residence do not provide towels.
  7. Bring swimming cap if you are planning to visit the hot spring in Korea.

We were so excited the few days before the departure. We were discussing which top to bring, which shoe to wear, how much Korea Won to bring, when to web-checking and so on,,

Here it is on the departure day itself we had our lunch at McDonald before boarding. Thanks to Airasia now everyone can fly to Korea. We got our ticket 1 year ahead at RM 700++



We were welcome by Linda, our tour guide for this whole trip. This little beetle bus will bring us around South Korea on the subsequent day.


Everyone was very hungry and thus we ended up at the following restaurant for late supper. They fried some really crispy chicken.

K07 A basket full of fried chicken. The crunchy and meaty chicken really satisfy my hunger.

K08Beside fried chicken, there is also Korea Ramen or Peggi Mee (this how Linda pronouns it, she was really cute). Sadly, the noodle is overly cooked, too soft and mushy; I seriously dun favor this.. 

After the supper, we arrived at our hotel, Secret Hotel.


This is the best hotel I’ve been to so far. The room includes desktop, small coffee table, LCD screen TV and a big Jacuzzi tub. I had a real good time soaking in the Jacuzzi tub.


Do Come back for Autumn in Korea: Day 2, Everland post…

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