Tanzini Upper Deck: 5 Course Dinner

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is my very first time opportunity to dine at a fine dining restaurant. A very special thanks to my friend Gan who bring me to Tanzini for this great experience.

At Tanzini Upper Deck, they change their menu every 2 week ranges from Italian, Japanese, France and many more.

This week was French Menu…The choices in Upper Deck is very limited yet very exclusive. There are 4, 5 and 6 courses to choose from. Basically, their starter, appetizer, soup and dessert is all fixed. The only food you’d given a choice was the main course; select one from two.

Kurt, the waiter recommend this white wine from Spain to pair with our seafood course.. To be frank I don’t fancy wine or liquor, I love beer more…Usually, I won’t even finish a glass of wine. Out of my expectation, the Marques Murrieta Alba do wonders as the taste is so smooth and not overly dry.We actually finish the whole bottle at the end of the dinner.


To begin, we were served with 2 pieces of bread where you can dip into the Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinegar. It’s rather a common bread but I love the slight aroma of the fresh oven baked bread and the texture.


Right after the bread, Kurt serve the Scallop Salad on Stone. I am a serious fan of scallop and the matching of scallop flakes with the salad dressing is really wonderful. Chewing the scallop flakes together with the leaves felt refreshing.


Gan preferred to dip the bread in the olive oil, as for me, I prefer to dip it into my soup which is the next entry, the Clam Chowder & Langoustine.


The cream based chowder were poured on top of the Hamaguri Clam and the French Grilled Langoustine along with In House Grinds Lobster Air, Essenced Chili and Micro Greens. A bite on the crispy langoustine head, the chowder splashed on my mouth; it is just too good. Not to mention a sip of the chowder along with the clam flesh has never fail to impress me.

The appetizer, Master Kobe with A5 marbling score was a let down to me… Not because it does not being prepare well but because the Kobe beef was too raw and definitely a no no to me. Gan too like it cooked. Kurt was so kind to pan seared it for us. However, the intention of this Carpaccio is to eat it raw. On the other hand the onion crisp garnish on top of the Kobe was the only thing where my taste bud could accept for this dish.


I was overly joy to get to taste the French Escargot again. I could not forget the one I ate in one of the fine restaurant in France itself. The freshness and the juiciness of the snails is unbeatable. Nevertheless this Starter, Escargot and complimentary flavor does really bring back the memories. The texture is very similar, the only difference is it is prepare in another way. This escargot is steamed purely and comes with some orange and plum sauce on the side. Chewing the wild foraged snail alone taste bland but when coat with the sauce its bring some live sweet and sour taste to the snail. Side by side was the Lamb Gnocchi, a mixture of flour and lamb flavor. It feels like mochi to me. At the center was the Foie Gras Muesli, just a touch of Foie Gras without mentioning on the menu I wouldn’t know it’s existence on the plate.


We have to wash down the flavor before we begin with the main course. Here come the Intermezzo, Lime Sherbet. A freeze blended ice ball infused with strong lime taste, it melts as I places it on my tongue. Goes well with the mint leave.


It’s time for the main course. Me and Gan each choose one of the options. First was the Anjoe Pigeon, slow cooked Roulade in Signature Wasabi Crust, Foie Gras Fandarit, Butternut Squash Puree, Pigeon Truffle Jus and seasonal vegetables. I have never eaten pigeon before thus could not compare the texture. However, I was surprise it mixed well with the wasabi based sauce rather than brown sauce. I never likes wasabi, I will spill it out before it reach my throat…But this time, I chew down the wasabi crust along with the pigeon meat! The pigeon meat texture is almost like the duck meat texture but not so tough..



Obviously I’m a seafood lover and I select the Wild Pink Snapper and Hokkaido Scallop. A chunk of the pan seared wild caught pink snapper never feel enough to me moreover this one has the rare sea fresh sweetness in every flakes of the fish. The accompanying Hon Shimeiji Ragu, the mushroom gravy is so subtle yet so chewy. The boiled vegetable helps to tone the gravy down. The Hokkaido Scallop top with Chorizo- Crusted amazingly great. My favorite for the night. The huge scallop is so juicy and tenderly sweet. IRRESISTABLE!!


Ending the course with the sweet snickers, well match with a small portion of vanilla ice cream..The bitter sweet snickers along with vanilla ice cream feels like in winter…the bitter coldness and the sweet snowflakes when it starts to snow..Smoked peanut butter praline was brilliant ones as it tickles my taste bud to have more and more…Mixture of the aerated nougat and hazelnut micro sponge , salted caramel sorbet and dash of something that keeps sparkling and jumping on my tongue completes the desert very well.


Overall the food served was good but the price for this 5 course, RM 185.00  was a bit over priced to me. The view from upper deck was nothing impressive as the KLCC view is blocked. I remember I walked pass the Bridge restaurant where the view is so much better. At upper deck you only get the view of The Intermark. The ambience is alright but I don’t really fancy the sofa as the height is too low for my liking and its very difficult to sit in and go out from it.




Food: 7/10
Price: 3/10 (Over priced)
Cleanliness: 10/10
Ambient Environment: 7/10 (a lot of privacy and nice decoration)
Service: 9/10 ( The staff attend to your request at a fast pace!)

Overall: 6/10


Level 28, G Tower
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2168 1899

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