Kota Kinabalu Day 2: Sandy Beaches & Seafoods

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Always people will think of Mount Kinabalu when “Kota Kinabalu” is mentioned! BUT Kota Kinabalu has so much more to offer. Gaya Street one of the must visit morning market only opens on Sundays. A wide variety of local handmade crafts, local homemade food, Kota Kinabalu T-shirt, Batik Prints Scarf, Local Paintings and pets.

After walking down the street for about an hour we decided to stop by Yee Fung Coffee Shop located behind the stalls at Gaya Street. Yee Fung cooks the famous Sabah Curry Laksa. A mild laksa indeed, not too spicy nor too milky. Loving the side ingredients (fish cakes, fried omelet strips, chicken flakes and fish balls) alongside the milky orange laksa soup and chewy white rice noodle.


Before we head to next destination, we make a stop at Fok Yuen Coffee House. We bought some take away of their signature white slice bread with Kaya and Butter spread. They sell both toast and non toast white bread. I am surprised the toast white bread still taste good and crunchy even after 2hour exposed to air.


The bright sun continues to shine through the morning and it is the perfect time to discover the sandy beaches, coral reef and groups of colorful fish in Sapi and Manukan Island. It took us about 15 minute to walk to the Jesselton Jetty from the Gaya Street. From there we bought a boat ride to both Manukan and Sapi island. Visiting this island sucks all my money away. We have to keep paying from the moment we start purchasing the boat ride package inclusive of goggles & life jacket . After paying boat ride we have to go to another counter to pay taxes. After which we have to pay entrance fee when we enter each island. It cost about RM 30 ++ per person.

First stop is at Sapi island. It offer varieties of fish in big group in near distance. However, the sand area is very crowded. Tables and chairs is scattered everywhere, not to mention a few stalls selling all kinds of snacks and drinks. Also there is a big group of tourist came along. The beach area is not so huge and its too crowded for me. We spend about 2 hour at Sapi and head to Manukan around 1pm.


At Manukan the beach area is longer and bigger. The best part is table at the sand area not occupied. Even better is there is actually some beach chair where you can sit down and enjoy the sunbath while reading a nice book. The sad part is we need swim faraway to see only few fishes swim across but more there is more coral type than those in Sapi. I still prefer Manukan over Sapi as it more relax and peaceful in Manukan.


I have a serious sunburn on both my shoulder..After a long tired day, immediately after shower we head to Welcome Seafood Restaurant for dinner.

Not so much people as we went there quite early. We order quite a numbers of seafoods and vegetables.

  Some of their signature dishes is listed on the white board!!


Before all the amazing seafood I would really love to describe this special vegetable that can only be found in Sabah names “Shu Chai Choy” and their signature style is fried with egg and garlic..A little crunchy when biting on the stem and smooth layer on the leaves. Superb!!


The steam shell was simple yet delicious. Though it gets me little frustrated to use the toothpick to dig the flesh out. The moment the flesh is out, immediately I chew it on. Ummphh very chewy and very sweet! Simply just love it!


One of my must have dish when eat seafood CRABS!!! We ordered Salted Egg Crab. The flakes of the crab meat is very fresh, but the salted egg did not seep through the crab flesh just covering the shell of the crab. If it was not the freshness I believe this dish will have really taste bad.


We also ordered the wet butter prawn. This milky succulent butter prawn is just too good where there’s no word to describe it!


Finally is the Steam Tilapia Fish with Bean Sauce. I love the bean sauce on top of the fish, best to eat together with the white rice. Again the fish is very fresh but the portion is rather small and not too much flesh to chew on….


Overall the seafood is unbelievable fresh but the size was rather too small for my liking. If it is bigger it will definitely feel more satisfying!!

After dinner we went to Suria Mall to walk a while..since Padini having sale we bought quite a number of top there..and that's how we end our day of sandy beaches and lots of seafoods!

Next up Day 3: Mount Kota Kinabalu

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