Bens @ Publika

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The first time me and Thomas went to Publika for a lunch for the coupon we bought over the website, we’d actually pass by Bens and we both agree we will try this out soon. Well wish come true, last Sunday out of a sudden we lack of idea where to go for lunch. Blink..Bens pop on my mind…So here we are at Bens…



Let’s not describe the food first as we suffered quite sometime before we could taste the first scoop of our food…The place look cozy BUT it is extremely stuffy and hot. The spotlight is too warm for us. Worst thing is the drink and food came after like almost 45minutes. Next is food came one dish by one dish, even we finish the first dish the second dish yet to be serve. There is also no cutlery provided, I’d actually stand up and walk toward the counter for few time to request for adding hot water to our teapot, getting ketchup, getting cutlery, getting plate and etc…

Tea arrived and I was surprised as the leaves contain inside the teabag was not the usual color is of a fresh green color not the roasted brown color type. The flavor is so strong, I thought of buying the tea bag for my own use at home! The little piece of cookies is so crunchy, a perfect match!


However the food is just too good to be mad at…Let’s see what they’d got to offer!!!

The first to served is this extra creamyyyy spaghetti carbonara. I love the texture of the cream not too milk yet just enough of cheesy feeling. Not to mention the bacon crisp gives the spaghetti a twist of taste. The sautéed mushroom is full of flavor. All these little ingredient mixture give a really perfect taste of spaghetti carbonara. Thumbs UP..


Next to come was the Bens Cheese Burger on Sesame Bun, as good as it sound and taste as good as it look…Oh the sesame on the bun made the bun smell and taste so roasty yet soft to chew on. Underneath the sesame bun was a thick chunk of beef patty top with cheese, salad leaves and sautéed onion. As I’m not a big fan of onion i sweep it to the side..The beef patty was so juicy and so chewy. Just the right taste for me!!!!


This final dish made me loose my temper, we wait for about another 20 minutes after we finish the burger…We had been really patient waiting for the food!! But again this dish is so delicious…Its actually something very different from the usual sandwich we had at other place! The name, Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich; pesto actually means the greenish sauce consists of crushed garlic, basil and pine nuts blend with olive oil. Ooooohhh delicious sauce covering the chicken breast…A bite of it just so appetizing…The accompanying chip is very different in a way of preparation and also the ingredient used…It is not potato BUT they used yam and sweet potato, prep with some spice and salt and deep fried to golden brown. Differently tasty!!

For this, our total damage was about Rm108.00 which I think quite reasonable for the creativity they had put in!

I will come back for more…



Food: 9/10 (Differently Tasty)
Price: 7/10 (You get what you pay for)
Cleanliness: 9/10
Ambient Environment: 4/10 (too warm and sofa is so dirty)
Service: 2/10 ( There are too busy even to look at you!)

Overall: 7/10


G2-37A, Level G2,

Publika Shopping Gallery,

No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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