BALI DAY 2: Beaches, Waves, Blow, Lake, Temple & Sunset

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We begin in the early morning by having a full breakfast buffet spread at the Bali Tropic Resort. Breakfast served here is ala western style such as sunshine egg, toast, scrambled egg, sausages and bacons and arrays of salads…Of course tea and coffee is served along and not miss varieties of fruit juices. Only one word to describe Appetizing!!

Well it’s time to give review on the room we stay the night before. The moment we enter the room, I was totally blow away by the decoration in the room…It is decorate in traditional bali style and not to missed the bathroom…wahhhhh I just can’t wait to strip and soak inside it…Till now i still remember how great the feeling was!! As the exterior, needless to say with medium sized swimming pool, bali decoration, located along the Tanjong Benoa Beach…ahhh it’s just too great and I wish I could stay another night! I highly recommend to those who will be going to Bali to spend a night here!!


Well after a fulfilling breakfast, a walk along the beach will help digestion. It was very windy morning and very cloudy…There is few huts along the beach where you can sit down and enjoy the sea view..


Then our driver come to pick us up and we are heading to Water Blow in Nusa Dua Beach… We actually walk across the park before we arrive at the Water Blow!!

Bali009 This is the first time I ever see the waves could be so strong… Standing above watching stream of waves splashing on the rocks just feels so good!!


Well before I continue for LADIES please try to pick dates to visit Bali that will not clash with your menstrual!! This is because we are not allowed to visit their temple during this period…

This is what exactly happens to me!!! I could only see from outside of Taman Ayun and couldn’t visit the temples… This is one of the thing I regret the most!!


It is raining when we arrive Taman Ayun, there are people provide umbrella for renting IDR 10,000.

We begin another long journey to Beratan Lake and Uludanu Temple…It was too hazy..Can’t see a thing..I was so upset for not being able to see..

We have our lunch at Pacung Village…Urghhh don’t bother trying their food…tasteless…

Well after all the dissappointment finally we made it to Tanah Lot and could see sunset!! We actually took a lot of picture! Tanah Lot means Land Sea in Balinese language and it is formed by rock formation off the Bali Island. It is a home of the Pura Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot Temple)


Well and after that we came to this shop which sell all sorts of Bali souvenir..We bought a few T-shirts and scarf here…The prices is affordable T-shirt range from IDR 70,000 to IDR 120000.

I could barely believe that I actually made it to sooo many places in a day!! Well, we have a ride to Kuta and check to our hotel… Stay Tune for my next post on Bali!

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