Thailand: The Journey to Ayutthaya, Bangkok & Pattaya Day 2

Saturday, February 13, 2010

3) Gone Crazy Shopping in Chatuchak

Early morning after breakfast, we call a cab from Hotel and head to CHATUCHAK, the famous fashion market of all time in Bangkok.

I felt like i’m shopping in heaven…unlimited choices of tops, bottoms, accessories, bags, households, flowers, porcelain; everything I would say…I don’t even have time to snap photos…It’s so huge that you will not able to stop by every stall in one day…I even skip looking at household since it’s very difficult to carry it back to KL. On the other hand the fashion stuff there are quite cheap but quality wise is not so good and mostly are free size. Price can be as low as 50 Bath…





4) Shopping Continues at Platinum Mall & Panthip Plaza

The stuff here is almost similar to those in Chatuchak but was presented in a more attractive way. BUT I wasn’t hunting for clothing instead I hunt for FOODDD…Most of the food here is from Food Court of the Platinum Mall


TomYam Kung is unbelievable tasty!!


Fried Oyster Omelet (Thai Style), it still taste the same like the one in KL


Padthai, One Word Yummy!!


Colorful Sushi Outside the street…


5) Sky View Supper at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

After shower we decided to walk around, and we found this Baiyoke Sky Hotel and thinking to dine in here while enjoying the view. Superb view come along with great food was really enjoying. Also the price is very affordable for the environment and service. The total bill comes up to 1000Bath.

Fresh Honey Dew juice served in creatively cut honeydew.


Spaghetti Alfreddo was delightful….


Look at the omelet covering the Pad Thai, I don’t need to express further.


The steak was quite plain though. It could taste better if they add in a scoop of mash potatoes.


Day 2 was all bout Food and Shopping…Next is all historical…

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