2010: The most Thrilling Christmas Celebration Part 1

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thrilling in a sense where I try to shot every famous shopping malls in Klang Valley. Not to mention also I went to countdown at Pavilion itself and I was in a week holiday where I cook varieties of delicious foodies. I countdown, have amazing christmas eve dinner, dancing through the christmas eve, gathering and present exchange on christmas and photo shooting at various christmas related event and decorations. Please be patient as I have tonnes of photos and stories to upload.

Part 1: Sunway Pyramid, The Fantaland

It’s rather a boring evening actually…I reach there around 4pm after picking up my appointment letter! At the parking able to see this Dome with a stunning cloudy background…Wait no more, shooting begins…


The cloud starts to turn darker, luckily I manage to take some outdoor Christmas decorations before it starts to rain!


Well, I had 2 hours of window shopping to a point where my stomach calls for food..I decided to head down to Sakae sushi to eat something while waiting for darling to arrive…I was too bored waiting for him in Sakae and I start shooting again…

One of the marvelous shot I did!



Finally darling reach and we order sukiyaki…yumehhh, the warmth from the soup just felt so good on the rainy day.



After a fulfilling dinner, a lil exercise is needed and snapping pictures is the perfect exercise in this case…







My personal opinion on this warmth Fantaland , the orange and red doesn’t really match these rainy season. Furthermore, the decorations only concentrate on the main stage as well as on the ceiling of the skating area. The glass snow globes was the only thing I will really admire it…

Stay tune for next xmas post!!

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