Day 1: The Extraordinary Penang Trip

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I parted with darling around 5 a.m in the morning. He shall meet me in Penang at 2 a.m later. I drive all the way to Teng’s house in SS2 and started our journey to Penang around 7 a.m. There are few ways to get to Penang actually; the most convenience way is by driving so that you can access to delicious food easily. After all Penang are very famous for their local food! For other ways to get to Penang Click Here. If you are going to Penang by bus, train or flight and would like to know how to get around Penang by means of public transport Click Here

Back to my story, it took us about 5 hours to reach Penang including 40 minutes stopover for breakfast. By the time we reach is still too early to check in to Island Hotel. Therefore, we stop at Clinic Cafe at Gurney Plaza for lunch.

day 1: Clinic Cafe

It is very impressing while walking through the cafe looking at the red clinic theme furniture, decoration and eating utensils. Eventually, the ladies waiter was wearing nursing uniforms which is very seductive especially through the eyes of man (didn’t manage to snap even one nurse…FAILED) .


Unfortunately, their menu was rather flat…Most of the food were repetitive, for eg fried rice where the fried rice base was all the same the only different was the side portion like prawns, fried chickens strips or even seafood. It taste rather common, I’d say you can simply get this taste in any hawker stalls. While my other friends chose to try the western dish; the looks could be deceiving but according to her it is just another lame dish…


The beverages is nothing special but there is this peach blended drink was really good…


Food: 4/10 (Too common and usual)
Price: 6/10 (Fair Price)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (Very Pleasant)
Ambient Environment: 9/10 (Very Creative)
Service: 6/10



Gurney Plaza,

Persiaran Gurney,

10250 Penang, Malaysia.

After treating our stomach we went to PP Island hotel to check in and on the way HF went to buy some really awesome Rojak.

day 1: PP Island & Rojak

The lobby was decent and the receptionist was very helpful. The only fall back of the hotel is the very limited parking space. Its either you come back early or you have to park at the road side at your own risk as the car park space is based on first come first serve basis. Behind the lobby was a dining area, not really sure whether it serves food but WIFI is easily available at lobby and dining area.


Let’s head to the room, very well organized room and the furniture is very soothing to look at. The lighting is good and there is LCD too though it is not that large but still acceptable to me. I love the bed sheet, very soft and comfortable to lie on! There is sufficient cabinet, table and wardrobe for you to put your stuff and that is really convenient to me!However, the toilet is relatively small and there is no bath tub, only the normal shower. For this kind of facilities at RM 80 per night I’d say it’s so WORTH it!!

After settling down in the room, it’s time to indulge in the famous Penang Rojak accompanied by HBO!


I must give thumb up to this box of Rojak, though i leave it aside for 30 minutes it still taste good. The shrimp paste taste were so strong and the sauce was so thick and sticky! The fruits remain freshy and tangy!


It is located at the Swatow Lane, Penang. Just drive from Lorong Selamat till you reach T-junction, then turn left, and take the first turning on your right. “You have reach your destination” 

day 1: DIY scented room  with Candle & Fragrance Oil warmer

Well for truly enjoying and stress free holiday, get yourself some candles, oil warmers and your choice of fragrance oil. Here are the simple steps to turn your room into a soothing and relaxing room.

1. Prepare the following items:


2. Arrange the candle at desire location in your room. For example, at the corner table besides the bed.

3. Fill up the oil warmers with plain water and put 2-3 drops of fragrance oil. Then light up the candle and insert into bottom of the oil warmer.

4. Light up others candles that you have arrange earlier and wollaaa sit back and enjoy the scented room…..Here’s the truly Cindy’s version of Scented Room!


PenangIMG_4843-20101031 PenangIMG_4836-20101031

day 1: botanical garden

After enough resting, around 5pm we decided to drop by botanical garden for a brisk walk before dinner. This is actually a good place to visit since the entrance is free and it opens till 8pm whereby other attraction is close by 6pm.

When we first reach, we were attracted by the little ice-cream booth at the road side! I love his expression, grimy yet cute! Why are you snapping me when I'm licking my ice-cream?


Sweet posing with my beloved loupohs… Felt like I'm a kid again holding the ice-cream cones.



Breezy and refreshing wind coupled with all the greenish trees empty my thoughts. Keep walking and there were bunch of these nasty monkeys… The whole family were there, from the grandparents to their children!


I manage to capture this meaningful shots of two loving monkeys!


The garden is relatively big and there is an empty field where we did numerous jumping shot!


This expression is legendary!




There is also a lots of colorful flower, however it start to rain so i didn’t get to snap these beautiful flowers.I highly recommend this garden for a brisk walking with eu de natural environment. It is located at Jalan Kebun, Penang. For more info click here.

day 1: northern beach cafe

Next we head up to Northern Beach Cafe at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah for dinner. There is variety of food to choose from in this cafe or sound more accurate to me was food court. Non of the look of this place look like a cafe to me. This large food court located along the beach side as portrayed on its name. I really enjoyed the breezy wind unlike the usually stuffy and packed food court in KL.

I would say overall the food serve there were above average. Unfortunately after whole day of walking, I only want to sit down and enjoy my meal and thus no pictures to show to you guys..However you can click here for pictures and reviews from other people.

So this end my first day trip at Penang. Stay tuned for Day 2, gonna be more good food and exciting places!

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