Day 3: The Extraordinary Penang trip

Monday, November 01, 2010


The final day in Penang, we were very disappointed as the weather is really bad! It’s raining every single day and we did not manage to flaunt our bikini wear on sunny beach side!! BUttttt wait, we’ve got an amazing idea! We’re heading to Hard Rock Hotel!!

day 3: hard rock hotel, penang

Drive all the way up to Batu Ferringhi Beach, watching the huge wave splashing, slippery road and strong wind blowin; finally reach Hard Rock Hotel!

“Located in the Pearl of Orient, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is iconic, bringing the multicultural Penang to new heights with its authentic Hard Rock experience. This hip and trendy resort in Penang is suitable for families, couples and singles for their relaxing accommodation in Penang.” picked from Hard Rock Hotel main website.

We walk in to the swimming pool area, just beside the beach. Even you are not staying there but you are allowed to walk around the swimming pool (not too sure whether you can enter the pool, I believe it is allowed). Well we can’t play in the pool as it’s still raining heavily, thus we only can camwhore with our bikini!











Posing and snapping picture can actually burnt off our energy…Time for delicious food, after all that’s the main attraction in Penang!

day 3: Prontip thai restaurant

First time came across this restaurant, recommended by Teng. The selection is very limited and thus in a short time we had selected basil chicken, seafood tom yam soup and prawn cake.




Fried kang Kung, chewy with a lil of spiciness! AWESOME!!


Prawn Cake, crispy bread crumb coated over succulent sweet prawn meat paste! Tanginess to the max!


Basil Chicken, the toss of basil aroma, the sautéed onion that sip into the chicken just taste so good with a spoonful of Thai white fragrance rice.


Seafood Tom yam Soup, piping hot spicy tom yam soup with all sorts of seafood tossed inside, irresistible!

Overall they serve authentic Thai Food that taste absolutely marvelous. I will definitely come to this restaurant again if I come to Penang again.

Food: 8/10 (Authentic Thai Food)
Price: 6/10 (Standard Price)
Cleanliness: 5/10
Ambient Environment: 5/10 (Quite an old restaurant)
Service: 6/10 ( A good introduction on food choices)


Prontip Thai Restaurant

2 Lebuhraya Peel (Yesterday Club),

10350 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 04-2282234

Mobile: 012-4788376

Fax: 04-2282235


Time to say bye bye to Penang as I was in the Ferry heading back to KL…


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