Day 2: The Extraordinary Penang Trip

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Reaching day 2 was extremely tiring as I waited arrival of Darling till approximately 3am. No matter how tired and sleepy we are, the luscious big Dim Sum definitely open ups our eyes.

day 2: Zim Sum Dim sum food court

This big food court actually accommodate quite a number of food stall but all of them were closed except the dim sum stall. It occupy the whole back row of the food court serving all kinds of dim sum, pau, fried snack, desert and surprisingly wanton mee, roast chicken and barbeque pork. The parking lots is very limited but luckily we stay in PP Island  Hotel which is just opposite of the dim sum food court!


It’s so different from what I used to see in Dim Sum restaurant in KL whereby you yourself have to pick up your desire dim sum and put it onto a tray (simple saying: self service).

People is grabbing their dim sum once it’s out from the steamer….Grab it before its too late..


Wokay now, look at this:


This only a part of the dim sum I able to grab as I can’t resist just snapping photos of delicious dim sum but instead I put my camera aside and start eating right away! For me the dim sum taste slightly above average as i prefer more prawns in the filling but it seems mostly are pork filling! Moreover the fried snack were not crispy possibly of being exposed to air for quite some time.The price is fairly good and service is normal (need to call few times for bill). Overall I would say for the price and the portion, you should give it a try if you were travelling in Penang. However I still prefer ES Hong Kong Dim Sum nearby my house, delicious and no hassle getting there!

Food: 6/10
Price: 7/10 (Economical Price)
Cleanliness: 4/10 (Surrounding is very messy and dull)
Ambient Environment: 5/10 (Food court style)
Service: 5/10


35, Jalan Anson 10400, Penang

After this our next stop will be the only one snake temple in the world!

day 2: Snake Temple or Temple of the Azure Cloud

The Snake Temple was originally named the "Temple of the Azure Cloud" in honor of the beauty of Penang's sky. Located at Sungai Kluang just nearby Bayan Lepas Airport.Based on the well famous stories behind this temple was build in memory of Chor Soo Kong, a Chinese monk. Chor Soo Kong also known as the Healer gave shelter to the snakes of jungle, after the completion of the temple, snakes appeared on their own accord. Tourist from various country come all the way to pray in the temple on Chor Soo Kong's birthday thrice yearly, on the 6th days of the first, sixth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar respectively.


I didn’t actually went to see the snake, well the snake just failed to captured my attention! We went to the back garden and snap a lot of pictures with varieties of flowers….


Day 2 was all about temple, next destination will be Kek Lok Si.

day 2: kek lok si temple

This temple located at Air Itam and usually packed with tourist during weekends. Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist Temple in Southeast Asia. Parked our car at the bottom and rushed to eat at the asam laksa stall nearby. After that we walk up the hill all the way up to Kek Lok Si. It took approximately 20 minutes to reach the top by walking up the staircase. Alongside the staircase were all sorts of souvenir stall selling local souvenir such as T-Shirt, key chain, toys, photo frame and etc.


Reach the top finally and start camwhoring…. Superb place for photo shooting!!














We took the inline lift which cost RM 4 (return) to get to the top where the Kuan Yin statue is located. We didn’t get to stay long up there as it starts to rain..Meanwhile, the Kuan Yin look so gracefully, a must visit I would say!






Well this ends the Day 2 of Penang Trip, keep coming back for Day 3 of Penang Trip!

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