Cameron The Green Land of Tea

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little more than 130 miles north of Kuala Lumpur is the Cameron Highlands, an extensive hill station once favored by British colonials during the hot season. Cameron is a place where chilling weather get together with the large field of beautiful greens tea plantation. Its just so relaxing to just walk by and take a deep breath of the refreshing tea across the small little tea house. Besides there are mass variety of freshly picked fruits and vegetables sold in the market along the way from Brinchang to Tanah Rata. There are numbers of forest trail for trekking as well..

Getting Here

The only way I use to go to Cameron is by self drive! For me that’s the most convenience way. However, Cameron can be reached by coaches too. Please click this for schedule and coaches available.

Places to Stay

Cameron has been one of the popular places for family gatherings or even friend meets ups! Hotels and Chalet is widely available along the road side on the way up from Tanah Rata to Brinchang. From budget hotel to 5-Star hotel with walking distance of tea plantations, gardens of flowers, forest trail, cactus garden and fresh markets.

For hotel list and reviews click here

Casa De La Rosa Hotel

On my recent trip to Cameron, I stayed in Casa De La Rosa Hotel located in Tanah Rata. I was lucky enough that I have a voucher form Maxis where its only RM 299.00 per night with compliment breakfast and steamboat dinner.

The room was quite big to me and I love the bath tub. The moment I dive in the hot bath tub, all the stressed just fly away.

page 3 

It was so enjoying so sleep besides a garden! The surrounding of the hotel was so English style. The lighting, the red carpet and the furniture was so pleasant to look at.

After checking in at around 3 pm we went around the garden besides the hotel and I snap like crazy…

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After that we went for our steamboat dinner inside the hotel restaurant. I tell ya, this is the far most tastiest steam i ever had in my life!

First was the freshly picked striking greenish vegetable, mmmph naturally sweet and tender. The seafood (prawns & crab) was so fresh just like catch lively from sea. The Tomyam soup base was magnificent with the right level of spiciness and sourish!

page 5

The next morning, I woke up at 7 am to have the breakfast. It comes in 4 choices, 2 local delicacies and 2 western breakfast.

page 6 My brother opt for Nasi Lemak, just ordinary taste nothing special.

I personally ordered the English Breakfast which is more worth to chose. It comes with cornflakes, scrambled egg, German sausage and hash brown. Everything just clings together too well for that perfect morning with a cup of hot coffee. It also comes with a small glass of fruit puree…Such a healthy start for a early morning.

Nom Nom Nom..finish all the food, I head back to my room for an early morning D.I.Y spa…So rejuvenating..


Everytime I visit cameron surely be with my family and they don’t fancy too much activity! Thus we only went to the usual must visit spot in cameron!

Lata Iskandar Water Fall

On the way up the hill, there were this waterfall named Lata Iskandar on the road side. It is so huge that you will not miss if you come from Tapah. We just park our car further ahead besides those local stalls selling fruits and local souvenirs.


I went around and snap like crazy on the flowers and plant surrounding it! Then I took off my sandals and start walking toward the waterfalls and sat a stone waiting to be snapped! Say Cheesee……….

Tea Plantations

The huge maze of tea plantation is a MUST visit when you are at Cameron. Stopping by at the tea shop and get seated with a cup of tea while over viewing the hills of green tea leaves. Sipping the tea, close my eyes and take a deep breath; ahhhh….. so relaxing.

After enough resting and stretching, we walk down the hills and enjoy the trails. At the bottom of the hills there were this mini size waterfall and hut alongside. Sitting under the hut watching the water flowing and the movement of the green leaves with breezy wind blowing was so calming.

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Strawberry Pasar Malam the Night Market

Right at the centre of the road between those shop lots and the main road were these strawberries pattern stuff hanging for sale. Doesn’t matter it is real or fake ones, it is everywhere along the stalls. Besides strawberry, also vegetables and fruits (some local specialties) were all over for sale.

I came across this home made gelato ice cream, RM 3.00 per scoop! It is so luscious and full. It just can’t stop melting it in my mouth, I order another scoop!


We walk on and see different types of vegetables and some really cute fruits, only available here in Cameron. Further on, we saw people running towards this lorry selling durians; spontaneously we head to the crowd and surprised by the appearance of all the durians. The golden yellow of this D24 durian is delicious! The bitterness aroma just filled my mouth and the fullness was so satisfying. Amazingly this durians are free from pesticides or what so ever chemicals so you don’t feel warm and no sore throats after eating. Even pee also no smell! Ooops too much revealing…

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