Malacca Food Marathon

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This trip almost being cancelled, luckily have me who drove all the way to Malacca holding the hopes to complete the long awaits Malacca Food Marathon.

Well the plan was prepared a week ago and here goes the agenda…

9.00 am   - Heading to Melaka from KL
11.00am  - Walk walk around Jonker Street
12.30pm   - Go eat Chicken Rice
2.00pm     - Walk Walk around Stadthuys
3.30pm    - Cendol & Laksa
4.30pm    - Capital Satay Celup (As need to queue up) / Tengkera / Jln Ong Kim Wee
6.00pm    - Walk Walk around Jonker Street Night Market see see look look buy snacks
8.30pm    - Tandori Chicken
9.30pm    - Head back to KL

We begun our journey around 10 a.m. On the way, it was a struggle to suppress the hunger as it had grown enormous and nevertheless will persevere as I wanted to chomp down more food into my tummy.

 1# Chung Wah Chicken Rice

Before even begin the food marathon, I kick off the snapping session first. All this blame to the ever natural Bali’s decoration shop, Puri Padi. I was astonished by its surrounding fountain and green plant and grasses. I just can’t walk away without bringing out my Canon 550D and start clicking.


Enough of clicking let’s move to the next spot..

2# Chung Wah Chicken Rice

For the first time I get to try the famous Chicken Rice Ball after been to Malacca for more than 10 times. I was shocked looking at the queue and also the gate being closed to stop people from entering freely…


I must say the rice ball was exquisite! Unfortunately the chicken meat was a failure since it’s texture felt like shredded pieces due to the incorrect way of cutting the chicken.

 3# A  Famosa Trail

Stomach had a full treatment and its time to burn off the fatty food! We walk from Jonker Street to the famous heritage walk, A’ Famosa. We climb up the hill overseeing the entire Malacca town and down the hill to the Gate of St James.


 4# The Stadthuys or Red Building

How could we miss the striking red building! I start pointing my lens here and there, right and left, top and bottom….


5# Jonker 88

Time to get back on the food track and here we go to Jonker 88, the famous lace for authentic local nyonya delicacies! The queue under the sun is something I hate but for the good food it’s totally worth it! I been here uncountable times and my favorite pick was Cendol and Baba Nyonya Laksa.

The Cendol has this very fine ice flakes top with aromatic Malacca Brown Sugar and not to mention the cendol and the fat red beans just feel so fulfilling!



After cooling down the hot and sweaty body, its time to get hot again with a bowl of Seafood Baba Nyonya Laksa. The soup is exquisite with the big prawn, big round fish balls, and thick filled fu chuk; feeding a scoop of the noodle into my mouth is definitely marvelous.


6# Malacca River

Trying digest the food and so walk around the river and snap pictures..




7# Capitol Satay Celop

This is record breaking! Why I said so? For the first time, we were the first ones standing before the blue gate waiting for it to open!


All the car passed by the restaurant looking at us one kind! Well for the record, we waited for almost 40 minutes before the blue gate is open!


The screen is still closed and the waiter is arranging the chair and table.


Now look at the boiling satay gravy with huge amount of smoke… Just can’t wait to dip all the stick into it and bite on it!


Apparently this squeaky pork meat ball is my favorite. The moment I bite on it, the juice beneath it will splurge out and chewing the meat just make it taste too delicious to be true! The satay gravy is so thick and contains lots of peanuts; when the stick of food were dipped in the gravy, a thick layer of peanuts covering it, is simply crunchy yet spicy that equals to excitement!


Fresh and cold stick ready to be dip!


Filled up the stomach with numerous numbers of stick!


The crave is fulfilled and walking out the restaurant just felt so good. However pity those people who is still queuing while we had just finish eating!


8# Jonker Street Night Walk

Well nothing to shout actually, another night market but difference is you will be pushed here and there, trying to squeeze through the path!

I managed to capture some nice scene along the way..Check it out…

 This little stall sell the best Nyonya Dessert in Malacca Town…



MLCIMG_3609-20100918  MLCIMG_3607-20100918 MLCIMG_3573-20100918



9# Pak Putra Tandoori Chicken

A must visit place for it re-owned recipe for the ever juiciest Tandoori Chicken. The accompanying aromatic Garlic Cheese Naan is another perfect match!



10# Proton Wira Ride back to KL

Finally we complete the food marathon and heading back to KL. Seriously the trip back is killing me..I was so sleepy but I only can drive at 90 km/hr and it’s raining…Well I shall say this is the first ever record for my stomach to fill this varieties of food!! Wooaahhh Amazing!!!

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