Malacca the Historical State of Malaysia

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is really my first post of travel blog, all this while I only blog about food since it is less complicated. So don’t laugh as you reads through!

For Malaysian, Malacca is well known for its historical land as well as huge variety of authentic local cuisine that will tickles your taste buds!

Getting There

Getting there is as simple as ABC for people who live in Peninsular Malaysia. Just get your car serviced and pack your stuff (if only you are planning to overnight) then start your engine and head to the highways.

For people who stay in west Malaysia or other countries outside of Malaysia, many other options are available too. For more info Click Here

Me & SP just drove our car all the way from my house to Seremban Highway and reach Malacca about an hour half! Yeah I speed a little since we depart a little late in morning!

On Seremban Highway!


Welcome to Melaka…Reaching Malacca town in 20 minutes (due long red light waiting time)




Damn there are more than 10 traffic lights in Malacca, waiting time for all the lights will be more than 30 minutes!!


Places to Go Around

It really depends on what kind of adventure you are up to say food, historical building, cultural sites or even some walk around local markets. 

I will began by exploring huge numbers of local delicacies available in Malacca since my main purpose there was for FOOD!

This time my trip to Malacca was a bit extraordinary in the sense that we tried out other restaurant delicacies rather than the usual Capitol and Jonker 88! Therefore the review for most famous delicacies stall in Malacca will be post later on my next trip there (Since previous trip I haven’t develop interest in photography yet!). Stay Tune for more!

1st on my mind will definitely be the Satay Celop. To those who haven’t get your hand on these stick of different types of meats, vegetables or seafoods, Satay Celop means immersing a stick with series of raw or semi-raw food into a pot of boiling thick spicy peanut broth or so called the satay sauce. Try to imagine lok-lok where the clear boiling water is replaced with thick satay sauce.

Basically there are a few numbers of Satay Celop available across Malacca streets but I personally went to Capitol Satay Celop & Satay Celop Nyonya.

Satay Celop Nyonya

Located on the streets of Melaka Raya, they serve authentic nyonya food besides the famous satay celop. Frankly speaking for gals like me, all the way from Kuala Lumpur finding ways to this restaurant was really hectic! However, the staff was really generous that he drive his car to meet us near Equatorial Hotel to bring us to this restaurant. I felt like dining in a 5-star restaurant, thumbs up for their hospitality!

When we reach there the restaurant was empty (not a good sign) but it is in the afternoon, so not much people would like to eat such a hot stuff under a flaming hot sun! It turns out really good as I do not need to queue for so long or even rushing to grab the sticks, there is no one that will even disturb or staring at you while you are eating! So much relaxed compared to Capitol and first time ever I don’t sweat at all.


Really huge fridge to store the sticks! All the time my eyes will stare at it thinking which stick to choose!


Furthermore, the design of the table was phenomenon. The pictures speaks it all (traditional sewing machine)!


We were served with small sample glasses of vegetable juice as a welcoming drinks before we starts ordering our drinks.


We eat at a really comfort zones, no sweat, no rush, no interruptions and good staff response! I ate uncountable sticks and it is as delicious as in Capitol.

These plates and tables are so cleans, its shinning!



We order some special and freshly brew energetic fruit juice. It helps to sooth our throat after so much spicy sauces!






After adding more peanut the sauce becomes thicker and of course more delicious!





Here come the bill of total RM 39.50. Definitely worth it, they even gives us some sweets as refreshment!


Let me summarized some of the pros and cons!


  1. No queuing is required.
  2. Much more cheaper RM 0.50 per sticks.
  3. All the tools used was so cleaned.
  4. Super friendly staff.
  5. Great hospitality.
  6. Opens from noon till night.
  7. Bright and Spacious environment.
  8. Stick stored in a huge fridge and thus cleaner.


  1. Lesser varieties of sticks.
  2. Satay sauce wasn’t as thick as Capitol but still tasty.

Food: 9/10 (Super Fresh and clean)
Price: 9/10 (Very Economical)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (Spacious, shinning and tidy)
Ambient Environment: 9/10 (Blue environment calm my thoughts and prepare me for a amazing food experience)
Service: 10/10 ( Amazing hospitality)
Overall: 9/10


586, Taman Melaka Raya,

75000 Melaka.

HP: 0167055749

San Shu Gong

I heard from few friends about this restaurant that their cendol were as good as Jonker 88. On that night, we were late so Jonker 88 was closed. We are thirsty for cendol so badly that we decided to go to San Shu Gong for a try.




The cendol there wasn’t really my type, its way too sweet and the black sugar lack of the fragrant that it should gave!

  Nope it is not durian flavor, they are just using it to promote their durian flavor cendol!



Also the cendol come with some sort of jelly( white & green color), which quite nice to chew on! Moreover, its very expensive compared to Jonker 88!





Cute Little Mooo…


In the Fairy Mode…


Despite being more cooling environment and the souvenir shops above give color to my eyes, nothing better than Jonker 88! It’s more like a mini biscuit market with souvenirs selling on top of it than a beverages stalls!

Food: 4/10 (Too sweet)
Price: 3/10 (Too much to pay for a little bowl of ice)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (Very tidy and well kept)
Ambient Environment: 9/10 ( White jade table and bright lighting)
Service: No comment for self service
Overall: 5/10

Address: Jonker Street, Corner Lot

Pak Putra Restoran

My all time favorite every time I step into Malacca. Super flavorsome Tandoori Chicken, just get your seat and order the chicken part you want pair it with numbers of naan available from garlic to cheese naan. For me, cheese naan is the choice just nice balance of saltiness! Mmmmph the spice aroma is just killing me even now I want to eat it again!


The melting cheese covered by thick flourish naan is so satisfying eating it with the burning red tandoori chicken! The tenderness of the chicken was remained and its taste will lingers your mouth for quite some time.


That night, the restaurant was packed with people from all over Malaysia and some foreigner as well. The staff forced to open another area to occupy more people.


Food: 9/10 (One of the best Tandoori but their drink sucks)
Price: 8/10 (Quite economical)
Cleanliness: 6/10 (Usual Mamak stall)
Ambient Environment: 5/10 ( Normal Mamak lightings and furniture)
Service: 4/10 ( it took ages for them to get the bill)
Overall: 8/10 (due to delicious food, others doesn’t matter)

GPS Coordinate: N 2 deg 11.708 E 102 deg 14.613

Coming up next will be the places to walk and look around in Malacca. We only went to Jonker Walk and Shopping Malls due to limited time!

Shopping Malls

There are 2 big shopping malls in Malacca which is Mahkota Parade & Dataran Pahlawan Malacca. Its really small compared to the ones in KL and variety is so much lesser. Those thing there I can get it easily at any malls in KL even at the small less famous one! Some snapshots!

Me scratching the parking ticket, YES its a must to buy this parking booklet (RM 5.00) where each page equal to an hour of parking. It is easily available in most shop in town.


MalaccaIMG_1940-20100814  MalaccaIMG_1937-20100814

Jonker Street

Only opens on Friday, Saturday & Sunday night with all kinds of handcraft, antiques, paintings, clothing, snacks and everything you can see in a night markets. The streets is filled with stalls, peoples and colorful lighting. Do not miss this market if you visits Malacca.

 Bump into these Balinese Shop selling artistic decorative stuff. Surrounded with a very nice garden, perfect for snapshot! Somehow the lighting wasn’t good for capturing picture or maybe my skill sucks!




I bought one of these colorful earrings but I lost it!MalaccaIMG_1960-20100814 


 Mini egg tarts! Been tricked by its gimmick! It taste really normal but super expensive!




Along the streets, numbers of bars available for you to seat down and have a drink on the tables alongside the streets with mixture of live music playing!


Finally I think my Malacca post ends here. I hope this post give a really informative info to all the readers!

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