Longest Pasar Malam in Taman Connaught

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Needless to say, most of you will definitely been here or at least heard about it! The all time favorite place selling numerous types of snacks, noodles, rice, drinks, fruits, vegetables, toys, pirated cds, dvds and software, clothing, lingerie, shoes and yeah almost everything at a jaw dropping prices. Just name it and you can find it here!!

Pasar Malam in Taman Connaught was claimed to be the longest Pasar Malam in Malaysia and it opens every Wednesday from 6pm to 12 a.m. See it for yourself if you still not believe it. Clock just past 6 in the evening and the highway next to the Pasar Malam has start to congested by cars queuing to enter the residential area for parking! I managed to capture the sunset while cars squeezing into the junction!


Warning: Do not try to go around 8 pm as that is the peak of the night. Once you enter the narrow path between stalls, it’s so difficult to breath or even move! I only able to move slowly, pushing here and there trying to squeeze through!


People Jam in street market or Pasar Malam


Every single corner was occupied with cars…Uncle will definitely  be rich by walking one round collecting coffee tips!


For me I love the varieties of food offered here! First was the famous Rojak Fruits! Cubes of cucumber, sweet turnips (sa kok), pineapples, raw papaya and sour raw mango toss with very thick and sticky dark shrimp paste. Then the mixture was sprinkled with peanuts on top of it for that crispy feeling!

A long queue for famous rojak! Lucky they have a quick hand so I waited almost 10 minutes else it possible to go up to 30minutes!


The next delicious asam laksa was hot and gave me a massive satisfaction. It is made with flakes of mackerel fish and and its main distinguishing feature is the asam or tamarind which gives the soup a sour taste. Super spicy and sour soup base with a table spoon of shrimp paste poured on top the fat and smooth rice noodle (lai fun) was remarkable. Finally added with garnishing like pineapple flakes, mint leaves and thin slices of onions.


This square like ice cream was so classic! I love the distinctive yam flavor it gave and the milky yet subtle texture. Perfect for the hot and stuffy weather.


Finally is the Chew Chew Chow Tofu, a must for most people! Unfortunately not for me!! I hate the smell, urghh so disgusting to smell and you guys are putting it in your mouth! I totally salute you guys! However this chow tofu or fermented tofu was famous and you can see a lots of people waiting for their turn to buy it! If you are a fan then please go and buy a packet as i heard good reviews on this famous smelly tofu!!


If I were to review all the famous food here I guess it will be never ending. Hence, go try it for yourself and I assure you will not regret even if you need to spend 30 minutes to get a parking.

**Tips: Park inside Giant for RM 1 and walk a little to save time! The best time to come here will be around 6 pm, less crowded and food are fresh!

Besides food hunting, accessories hunting is great too. For example, the fake lashes, nail polishes, jewelries and lots more where the price is surprisingly low compare to the high street mall, much better with tones of design to opt for!


Two more days its Wednesday so get off work early( Leave the work for tomorrow) and head down to this famous Pasar Malam and join the fun!!

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