Levain Boulangerie & Pastisserie The Return

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This was my second time landing my feet here with Siew Ping, mum and god mum for a weekend tea break!

 Levain (16) 

Levain (5) 

Levain (6)

Levain (15) Levain (14) 

Instead of opting for interior sofa seating, we decided to sat outside so we could feel the green leaves breath and bright blue skies.

Levain (4)


Levain (11)

My both lovely mums…

Levain (10)

Both look a bit pale after a long night of drinking & dancing!

Levain (9)   

Definitely a wiser choice as it is more cooling and refreshing compared to the interior where the surrounding was too warm. Also well decorated with pottery and paintings on the walls, it’s so eye calming!

A very delightful setup!

Levain (7)

Interior was too warm and sounds come from all kind of sources such as kitchen crew, brewing machine and people talking to each other!

Levain (13)

The star of the day was this Seafood Pasta, RM 9.90.

Levain (1)

Rich and creamy sauce toss with seafood over the pasta definitely keep you craving for more. I even lick all the creamy sauce left on the plate!

Together with the main dish was variety of breads. Unfortunately, these bread totally out the heap of the day! They have the hard texture just like it been over exposed to the environment for a long period. If they could reheat these lovely bread, I might considering picking it on the next visit!

Cheese French, RM 4.80

Cheese was tasteless and bread was hard.Levain (18)

Mushroom White Sauce Bread, RM 4.20

Another version of Cheese French with added wild mushroom, rocky bread but delicious cream wild mushroom!

Levain (2)

Crispy Walnut Bread, RM 3.80

Unbelievable amount of walnuts, too bad it is not crispy but dry hard! Ewww…. 

Levain (17)

Creamy caramel Croissant, RM 3.80

Nuts all over it, again too dry and hard! Warning. do not eat this without presence of water or soup!!

Levain (19)

How we’d finished these rocky bread? Simply by dipping into the milky Pumpkin Soup, RM 6.50. Not much pumpkin flavor though only strong milk on the big mug!

Levain (8)

Noisette Slice, RM 7.50

Good looking but taste was gross! Secret Recipes totally beat them with better texture and value for money!

Levain (3)

The drinks is the worst here. The wild berries teas is too mild or i should say TASTELESS; ribena taste better than this! I advice not to order drinks besides coffee or hot chocolate!

Levain (12) 

I am not impressed by their bread this round but I crave for their pasta and coffee! My next visit will only be pasta and coffee alone.For more review please view here

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