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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mum invite me to go for this Buffet when she saw the promotion on newspaper. For whole month of August there will be a 50% off the normal price of RM 59.90 each.

The restaurant were decorated with Spain’s remarkable theme the Classic Black & Red walls creates a warm and hearty environment with deem lighting, definitely a perfect place for family reunion or even friends gathering.

La Gomera (1)

La Gomera (2)

La Gomera (24)

La Gomera (25) 

This is totally something new in the town. They claimed that they are the first Spain Buffet available here in Malaysia. As for me I do think there are on the top spot of distinctive buffet. I’m saying this because unlike common buffet being offered around KL & Selangor, they emphasize a lot on the well seasoning and unbelievable stew skill on different types of meats like beef, lamb and chicken.

Basically the buffet was divided into 2 main sections such as the P.I.Y (Pick it Yourself) on the arrays of food lays on the food counter.

The middle section of P.I.Y were the place where you can pick starters like the breads, jacketing potatoes and tones of salads. The lobster salad was unforgettable although there were like 10cents size of lobster in the salad mixture but the mayonnaise and milk was so mouthwatering and refreshing cold!

La Gomera (9)

La Gomera (8)

Jacketing potatoes was famous for it’s crispy skin but the below big stone like potatoes do not delivers its crispiness at all! Lucky the filling overcome its lame skin but still not compromising!

La Gomera (7)

Sushi in the house, look very common and I don’t bother to pick one!

La Gomera (10)

At the side of P.I.Y section there are long rows of main course to choose! The front row contains of mushroom & chicken with corn soups (like the common soups available everywhere), fried vegetables, fried rice, fried noodles, spanish prawns and lemon chicken (taste like Chinese style, no Spain element at all)

La Gomera (6)

The rear row locates the most stunning stew meats. Some of the stew offered are Spanish Beef Meatballs in Tomato Soup and Spanish Lamb Stew.

La Gomera (3)

 La Gomera (17) 

The beef meatballs was my favorite pick; juicy, meaty and aromatic! Do not miss this pick!

La GomeraIMG_1706-20100731

The lamb stew with small cutlets soft, tender and rich in Spain spices.

La Gomera (18)

At the rear corner was the desert area. Totally pull down the whole restaurant quality as you can see the cakes are all of pasar malam type! There really need to provides better choice of desert something more presentable. Shouldn’t there offered some Spain specialties?

La Gomera (11) 

The other half of the restaurant was where the Ala Carte section located, it is as easy as ABC; just drop your pin number into desired bowl that represents a mass variety of dishes ranging from skewer, grills meats, pizzas and pastas.

La GomeraIMG_1699-20100731

La GomeraIMG_1698-20100731

Grill German sausage, crispy exterior and chewy interior!

La Gomera (4)

Grill oyster with cheese and grille scallop was a let down!

La Gomera (5)

La Gomera (12)

Fresh oyster was too small to realize how tasty it was!

La Gomera (21)

Pizza sauce was special and distinctive from what we usually get in Italian's pizza or American’s Pizza. The taste was more mild and lots of garlic mince on top of the pizza! Too bad the crust wasn’t that crispy!

La Gomera (15)

Seafood skewer was luscious, just the right seasoning and the right burning!

La Gomera (20)

I personally think it will be nice to try once for the sake of the Spain characteristic in the food. The meat is a MUST try but seafood can be skip as they do not offered BIG & FRESH seafood like other buffet have. However for the 50% price its totally worth it!!

Food: 7/10 (Marks added for Spain characteristic)
Price: 6/10 (Mostly are meats, seafood are super small)
Cleanliness: 10/10 (Very well kept)
Ambient Environment: 9/10 (Away from city and lots of plant surrounding it)
Service: 5/10 ( Ala carte serving was quite long)
Overall: 6/10


E-LG-2, Neo Damansara,

Jalan PU 8/1,

Bandar Damansara Perdana,

47820 Selangor.

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