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Saturday, July 31, 2010

This used to be my favorite spot for my Sundays; ever since my Brother start working as a Dim Sum Trainee and he keep telling me stories on how the Dim Sum being made, I just stop going there that frequently. Well, everything will have a history right? no matter good or bad! However, this ES Cafe is definitely worth a visit! Since its quite new, its totally hassle free!!No queue, no long waiting time, lots of parking space and great environment (breathable air). Oh I guess blogger haven’t flooded this place yet! Most importantly is all their dim sum is served fresh where you get to choose them on the menu before they start to steam the dim sum! Thus, the dim sum just cook to the right texture (not overcooked) and the freshness definitely will bring you back the next time! Yes, even the fried fu chuk, fried yong tau fu or fried salad prawn are all fried on your call!
ES Cafe (10)
ES Cafe (11)

The walls is well decorated with dim sum basket and some traditional tea sets.
ES Cafe (12)
ES Cafe (13)
ES Cafe (9)
Before I explore into the spectacular range of Dim Sum, let me first brief you where it came from. Dim Sum or in Cantonese means touch the heart at beginning was served as a snack. During ancient time, it was served on the tea houses built along roadside where people get to rest and bump into each other just like our yumcha session! In Hong Kong, eating Dim Sum has transformed into a big, happy and enjoyable way of dining while indulging into a cup of aromatic tea over the weekend usually after a morning exercise.
Well, well I’m proudly to say I’m Cantonese and it touched my hearts even before I bite on the tiny little dim sum.
splurge out on the first bite….
Speaking about tea, I love how they able to bring the aroma of the chrysanthemum flowers out of the tea pot and they really puts lots of chrysanthemum flowers into it! Its definitely stress released when I lightly sniff on it and take a sip of the hot yellowish tea.
ES Cafe
big and succulent prawns with a touch of coriander leaves….
Undoubtedly this bean curd skin wraps is my first dim sum on my mind whenever I have my breakfast here. The juiciness gravy which has absorbed into the bean curd will splurge out on the first bite while adding more taste to the meat wrapped inside. Chewy skin with tangy meat, just couldn’t stop chewing it!
ES Cafe (3)
Har Mai or Prawn Wraps contains big and succulent prawns with a touch of coriander leaves, its aroma accompanied with fresh prawn and mince meats is mouth watering!
ES Cafe (2)
Minced meats with carrot flakes, sweet turnip(sa kok) and Chinese mushroom flaked was stuffed into the white color rice flour roll and it is known as Wong Nga Pak Kuen or White Roll. The side ingredient stuffed inside add the crispiness which is well balanced by the smooth & soft exterior.
ES Cafe (6)
Char Siew Bao or Barbeque Pork Bao taste so good as the barbeque pork tends to blend so well with the sauce. Do serve it while it is still hot (I used to use my hand but since it is too hot i tend to throw from one side of my palm to another while biting it).
ES Cafe (1)
Succulent and super fresh prawn underneath the crystal clear skin was remarkable! The famous Har Kao or Prawn Dumpling is a must order dim sum for almost every time. This little crystal ball here never failed to triggered my appetite.
ES Cafe (5)
Fried Har Kuen or Fried Prawn Roll, unbelievable crispy with a dip of mayonnaise to complete it’s taste!
ES Cafe (8)
Chu Cheong Fun, for me this dish was a sad thing! The soya sauce taste was very dull!! The rice roll was a bit overcooked where it splits up easily! Perhaps you might consider to skip this dish.
ES Cafe (4)
Well, they serve a handful of dim sums, fried foodies and lots of Baoz.. Beside the freshness of the dim sums, they offered a economical pricing ranges from RM 2.00 to RM 4.00.
ES Cafe (7)
On that day, we spend RM 17.00 for all these foodies!! It’s definitely a steal!
Food: 9/10 (Super Fresh and steaming hot)
Price: 9/10 (Very Economical)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (Spacious and tidy)
Ambient Environment: 8/10 (Calm and breathable air)
Service: 8/10 ( Very Friendly)
Overall: 9/10
Block Cemar,
Jalan Bukit Segar Jaya,
Taman Bukit Segar Jaya, Cheras,
43200 Selangor.
H/P: 0123863182

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