Dave’s Deli

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yawn…So sleepy but still trying to upload this post since it’s picture stored in my desktop for some time! Almost every time I pass by this restaurant I wouldn’t bother to look at it, it’s like invisible to me! Never heard about how good this cafe could be…Knowing they serve sandwiches and perhaps coffee and tea, that’s all.


Last few weeks, they are running this promotion with sandwiches sets that really stop me from walking further.


Puzzled a while, staring at the price, wow this is so worth it! So mum and me decided to order a set and seated down since we’ve been walking while in One Utama.

Dave’s Deli have a few outlets located in few shopping malls. I browsed their website while I am typing this blog, only I realized their specialties are roast chicken. OMG what a surprise because I only thought of sandwiches! They are food eater too and thus they can cook a good meal as shown in their website!

Self ordering and then the waiter place a plate of sandwiches and a empty cup. I have to poured the tea from the existing tea pot available at the counter! Staff was little, only two , one is helping in the kitchen while another taking care of the cash machine! Not really friendly and faces are one of a kind!

Super tiny sandwich with extremely thin layer of tuna, chicken breast and mashed egg fillings but deliciously tasty. For the price of RM 3.90, its forgivable for the thin layering! Surprisingly the fillings tasted good and its something different from normal sandwiches I get from the bakery shop. Particularly is because they add some bell pepper in between the meats and the flavorsome seasoning and the milky butter.


Tea as usual, almost forgettable nothing specials!


They serve a wide range of western food from roast chicken to pasta! I haven’t try it out but saw it other people’s table look attracting!!



Environment is very classy English style, very decent decorations!



They provide WIFI service too and amazingly fast! I will come again the next time for other dishes!

Food: 8/10 (Classic yet special)
Price: 10/10 (Value for Money)
Cleanliness: 8/10 (Usual like most restaurant inside shopping malls)
Ambient Environment: 8/10 (Not crowded)
Service: 4/10 ( Waiter has a unpleasant look upon us and its self service)
Overall: 6/10

One Utama

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