Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rain hasn’t stop since early of the day, the dull cloud, strong blowing wind and slippery floor definitely pull down my weekend mood. I actually woke up at 11 a.m where sun still shining brightly that I can’t barely open my eyes while I lay my leg on the black tar road on the way to take my breakfast at the usual Chinese stall. Then in the noon it started to rain and my mood went from hundred to zero. No..I am not gonna spoil my mood on this Sunday after all it my friend, Stephanie birthday and we had plan a dinner at Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood. While waiting for my siew ping, SP to pick me up, I was alone at home and felt a bit sleepy; and so I lay on the bed imagining the piping hot tomyam served on a rainy day. Totally the best couple (tomyam & rain) on the week! I think you getting bored with all my nagging? Bluek..wokay lets me start my main purpose for this post!

Here I present you the smoking piping hot Claypot Seafood Tom Yam.

ThaiIMG_1628-20100725The Tom Yam soup base was so intense and well flavored top up with its spiciness; totally HAWT, HAWT!!! The aroma of the curry leave and the fresh seafood (prawn, cuttle fish “sotong” & fish) was seal in every spoon of Tom Yam soup I drank.

Thai Style Steam Red Talapia, I wouldn’t say this is the best steam fish I had but the Thai Sauce definitely worth a vote from me. There is a slight muddy taste on the fish belly. Fortunately, the Thai gravy saves the day! Lightly texture sour and spicy definitely open up our appetite of the day.



My all time favorite, BBQ Smoked Crab was grilled with almost without adding any flavor to it but its maintain the originality flavor and the sweetness of the crab. The crab was barbeque at top flame which brings some smoky or burnt off taste on the crab.




This part here, the claws “Kong” was Stephanie and my favorite on top of others. The first bite of the fully stuffed claws with super spongy and juiciness will left you wanting for more.


The Fried Curry Powder Crab was a let down compared to the earlier BBQ Crab. Though the curry powder add a little spice to the crab but its too sweet for a curry! Besides, the crab was not fresh too and the meat is not tangy but its rather a bit paste-like texture. Despite the poor crab quality, I’d say the curry was just moderate.


Must have Thai Style Fried Rice, is well flavored with light soya sauce and a hint of pepper. This dish never failed to satisfied for the last few time but today the prawns freshness was unacceptable though i still loves the rice texture.


This birthday celebration was meant to hunt for seafood so no cakes is provided! I guess the crab’s claws taste better than blowing the candle! Isn’t it? I will definitely say YES! So next time I want candle standing on top of a fleshy crab’s claw.

Stephanie: I wish you happy birthday and wish you found your Mr Right soon! I dedicate this post to you!  



Food: 6/10 (If only they serve fresh seafood, marks could be higher) 

Price: 8/10 (Economical)

Cleanliness: 6/10 (The cement floor was wet and dirt is transparent everywhere)

Ambient Environment: 6/10 (Noisy and Stuffy)

Service: 6/10 ( Quite arrogant)

Overall: 7/10


Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,

68000 Ampang, Selangor.

H/P: 0192611345/ 0122738069

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